Thanks to Bollywood and the Ambanis, we’ve become almost accustomed to fancy weddings and extravagant receptions. Such is the effect of these weddings that simple weddings just don’t catch our attention anymore, until one Pakistani man decided to change this.

Rizwan Pehelwan, going by the username @RizwanPehelwan, got married recently and decided to share his simple wedding story with the world, so that we know that having ‘apni marzi ki shaadi’ is possible. The tale of his wedding won over Twitter, getting over 4500 likes.

While many of us start saving for the big day, Rizwan set a sum of 20,000 Pakistani Rupees, approximately 10,000 Indian Rupees, aside for his wedding.

We’ve all seen people book guesthouses and banquet halls for hosting all sorts of wedding ceremonies. Rizwan, however, chose the simplest of venue – his own terrace. While most of us have our own terrace, none of us would think of hosting a wedding there.

Rizwan borrowed 25 chairs from the neighborhood election committee (of all places), while his father got fairy lights to decorate the terrace, and that was it. His wedding venue was all set.

A Simple Menu And A Simpler Wedding

The food menu at Rizwan’s wedding wasn’t as grand as you’d expect in a wedding, but it had all the delicacies you’d actually want to eat at a wedding – chicken tikka, seekh kebabs, chole bhature, halwa and strawberries.

Rizwan’s guest list was also pretty small and concise, with just 25 names consisting of parents and friends.

The manner in which he arranged for the food is also pretty hilarious. One of his friends lent him his cooks. He bought the chicken and masalas and helped the cooks prepare the food. Meanwhile, the bride cooked khattay alu (spiced potatoes) for everyone as starters.

As for the dessert, his friend brought strawberries and ice cream.

You’d expect the bride and the groom to be dressed in fancy outfits for their wedding, wouldn’t you? No, Rizwan and his wife had none of that.

Before ending the thread, Rizwan beautifully summed up his thoughts on how a wedding should be:

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He also added his wedding picture for saboot or proof.

Tale Melts Twitter

Rizwan’s belief in a much simpler but happy wedding won over Twitter, and his story became a Twitter Moment.

The Twitterati showered their love for the simple yet heartwarming story –

Lessons Learnt From It

Rizwan’s wedding tale had a message for all of us, and we need to take note of it.

Sure, most of us want our weddings to be grand, with all our friends and family invited. But in all that hubbub, we often forget the primary purpose of the wedding, which is to celebrate the love of two people.

Ask the organizers about the amount of effort that it takes to organize a wedding. Weeks of planning and hard work goes into it. And yet, how often do we see some Mama or Fufa getting offended at a petty issue in a wedding?

With all that responsibility on your head, ask yourself this question –

Are extravagant weddings really worth it?

Do they really make you happy? Or is it just to show the world that you are getting married and CAN afford to have a grand wedding?

Give it a thought.

Sources and Image Credits: Twitter

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