Disclaimer: Originally published in June 2019. It is being republished since it still remains an interesting topic till today. 

This is a generation of CV whores and they somehow take a lot of pride in that.


That’s what we are here to analyze.

Now, I understand how there are conflicting views about modern-day career-oriented kids who plan to make it big after college and end up being CV whores along the way.

So, first things first.

Let’s talk about who these CV whores are and why do we call them that? Especially the term “whore(s)”, since it has an extremely negative connotation attached to it.

Talking on the basics of semantics, a whore essentially sells herself but in the modern corporate world, a CV whore is a person who sells his “loyalty” to an organization.

The CV whore in this case will only focus on enhancing his resume / CV (short for “Curriculum Vitae”), adding more number of brands to his CV and primarily building a reputation as a corporate globe-trotter.

CV Whores

Now, there are two ways to look at these CV whores.

A. The “positive, career-oriented, competitive and driven millennial” way.

B. The “disloyal, untrustworthy, brand-jumping, money-hogging corporate scum millennial” way.

We’re gonna analyze the latter option first, since the article is not carrying the burden to prove why being a CV whore is essentially a great thing to be but we only wish to convey that it’s not all bad.

Being a CV whore single-handedly damages your reputation and makes you look like an unstable employee, who can’t adjust to a singular work ethic.

Furthermore, it makes you look like a person who isn’t dependable, where you might just leave one job or internship at any time. The reason may be money or a better position but you’re willing to overlook it at the cost of stability and targeted growth.

Now, this gives rise to certain consequences : For mid-level or top-level managerial positions, experience in a single firm is preferred as compared to jumping from company to company in the name of growth and versatility. This makes it difficult for the top players to select you and they end up choosing a more “stable CV”.

A CV whore sort of resume is also dangerous because it puts a solid question mark on your status as a loyal and trustworthy employee. You may be the jack of all trades but you’re essentially a mere sellout, waiting like a crouching tiger for a better offer to jump to.

Lastly, it might look like you’re gaining experience by being versatile but those short periods of versatile experience don’t guarantee quality and expertise in a particular field, thus robbing you of a competitive edge over your contemporaries.

Now, that’s the negative part.

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Taking that out of the equation, let’s look at the positive side of this whole “CV Whores” phenomenon:

The one thing about CV whores is that they are indeed versatile IF THEY PLAY THEIR CARDS RIGHT.

Now, these cards better be all aces.

Since the competitive nature of the modern millennials is highlighted with their obsession of being CV whores and being strictly brand conscious, this can be highly counter-productive in nature.

Starting off, this highlights a hunger for exploration of one’s area of expertise and makes a person more perfectionist in his or her approach towards achieving a specific designation.

Secondly, it shows that the person in question isn’t afraid to experiment and is HIGHLY ADAPTABLE to changing ethics, scenarios and working systems of different organizations.

Needless to say, it shows that a CV whore wishes to be inter or intra versatile as per his domain of career, with the latter (intra) being preferable.

Why intra?

Because learning 5 types of marketing is better than learning HR, marketing, finance, sales and the entire hoopla, just to make a point that you can handle different profiles.

When it comes to loyalty, it’s pretty clear that the corporate world waits for none. The moment you stop producing and stop giving effective results, you’re kicked out.

To create a contingency plan in case of that an intentional change of job, a CV whore type of resume comes in handy to get you a quick job and allows you to even change the field of your career temporarily, due to prior experience till you find a job which perfectly suits you.

To sum it up, of course, this is a delicate topic that requires a pro-con analysis and since it focuses on employment, it’s only natural that the corporate culture fanboys learn the tricks of the trade soon enough to be the masters in the real world.

Till then, if wish to work with ED Times, just mail us your CV and sample article at our official e-mail address which you can find in our “About Us” page.

And don’t worry, we are cool with CV whores. Haha.

Stay stylish, stay corporate.

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