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As the number of sporting events increases in India, new bookmakers find ways to accommodate more Indian players. Also, these bookmakers are finding ways to ensure these players can withdraw and deposit funds in Indian Rupees. However, the gambling laws of India give each state full control of gambling activities in their region. As a result, most Indian states do not allow gambling activities, while some license gambling. In India, the games you can gamble on are grouped into games of chance and games of skill. There are different sports Indian players can bet on, including cricket, baseball, horse racing, and football. In this article, we will explain what you need to know about sports betting in India. 

Online Cricket Betting

Cricket has to be the most popular sport in India. As a result, there is a huge number of bets placed during India’s international series and local leagues. Players can choose to join any top bookmaker to get the best odds and bonus offers. The first thing players need to look at before betting online is the licensing authority of the betting site. Also, players need to check the payment options and if the betting site allows players to bet with Indian rupees. To place your first cricket bet, analyse the type of cricket betting and the betting odds. Then you can place your bet and wait for the result of the match.

Football Betting

Besides cricket, football is another popular sport Indian players love to bet on. Football is one of the biggest sports worldwide, which means Indian players have limitless options to choose from. For example, they can bet on the English Premier League, Italian Seria A, or Spanish La Liga. Also, players can bet on the total outcome of the game or part of the football action. That said, players need to choose a sportsbook site that will offer them the best odds and bonus offers to improve their winning chances. Apart from football betting, players can also learn how to play live against each other at live casino games.

Horse Racing Betting

Horse racing has to be the oldest sport in India. The country is home to nine racecourses, which are managed by six Indian horse racing authorities. In the early days, gamblers placed their bet on-site, but now, players can bet at online horse racing betting sites. Indian states have put the tax wager on horse races in the 28% tax category. But, players do not need to worry about paying taxes as there are tons of betting sites you can bet tax-free. Some bet tracks for horse race betting online in India are Madras Race Club, Delhi Race Club, and Mysore Race Club. 


Online sportsbooks in India have recorded massive growth in recent times. The growth can be traced back to the evolution of the internet and the access it has given people to online betting. Interestingly, sportsbook players can now use their phones to place a bet on their favorite game. But, that’s not all; they can process withdrawals at the betting site by choosing their preferred payment method. 

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