Now, go paperless with Edelweiss Guided Portfolios for better asset management

A lot of people have thought to invest in mutual funds for better investment options and have been unaware of which stocks to invest in and how the markets are. Even when they read about them online, there is no way one can escape from the complicated terminologies and jargon prevalent everywhere.

Edelweiss Guided Portfolios is our recommendation for anyone struggling with those problems! You can go paperless with this new proprietary asset allocation and mutual fund selection algorithm driven systematic investment approach which allows all types of users, from financial savvy investors to newbies who’ve never invested before, to easily navigate and make their financial decisions with few clicks.

Edelweiss Guided Portfolios (GPS) can be best for a new investor.

Since a lot of attention has been given to visual hierarchy, a new investor can easily find their queries displayed on the screen.

Homepage Edelweiss' website
Edelweiss’ easy to use website interface

Their artificial intelligence system understands that giving recommendations for investing in not simple and is linked to various factors such as the social status of the investor, their age, their risk taking capability, and much more.  Once these questions are answered, the system picks mutual funds apt for the person to invest and hence, achieve their goals.

Investment form of Edelweiss Guided Portfolios
A form that is easy to fill up in seconds!

Another great feature of Edelweiss GPS is explanation dialog boxes for every jargon used for better understanding.

Dialog box explaining jargon of Edelweiss Guided Portfolios
Dialog box explaining jargon for better understanding

Edelweiss GPS can be a quick tool for anyone who wants to check stock markets.

From providing a quick view of schemes that show NAV, AUM inception duration etc., to detailed factsheet where one can view Sharpe ratio, Correlation ratio, Expense ratio, Exit fund and much more, it also provides information about how a specific scheme has performed in the last few years for better judgement.

Quick View of Schemes - Edelweiss Guided Portfolios
Quick View of Schemes

For investors who can understand market trends and make investments on their own, Edelweiss has provided a Self-Investing Section to start building their portfolios immediately.

Portfolio Re-balancing is done by Edelweiss GPS to help investors keep the best performing funds.

It order to avoid investors to make systematic investments in laggard funds, Edelweiss GPS keeps a check on the market trends and conditions and also on the performance of the selected mutual funds.

Edelweiss’ website is very motivational as well as quirky.

To help motivate the investors to become financial savvy and to keep them updated regarding new financial methods and tips, a whole section called Our Insights has been dedicated.

Incorporated with a lot of graphic and video content, Edelweiss’ website is simplistic, consistent and mobile compatible.

To know more, you could watch the video below and also visit their website here.



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