Why You Need To Be Scared In Giving Your Details For Aadhar Card?

Firstly, the government is acting according to it's whims and fancies. Moreover, the entire process of making an Aadhar card has a lot of loopholes.

If you have been following AIB’s ‘On Air With AIB Season 2’, you probably have an idea what is this about. Why does one need to be scared in giving details for Aadhar Card to the government! Or is it even mandatory?

In March, the government made it necessary to link PAN card with the unique 12 digit identification system, which is with Aadhar Card.

It was apparently to stop people from manipulating accounts via fake IDs. The government even went on to say that the Pan Cards not linked with Aadhar Card would stand useless by the end of this year.

In fact, even my University made it necessary for us to give them our Aadhar details and warned us of debarring us if we do not comply with the rule as per government orders.

Now, when all this goes on, one is bound to assume that maybe, just maybe government was authorised to take all these steps.

But then came the news of SC demanding to know how is it that government has made Aadhar for tax payment necessary on its own despite the court making it optional.

This is exactly what’s scary. First and foremost that the government is acting according to it’s whims and fancies. Moreover, the entire process of making an Aadhar Card has a lot of loopholes.

For instance, someone a few weeks ago made Dhoni’s Aadhar details public by posting a picture on twitter. Now, UIDAI is the central body responsible for the entire Aadhar process which has further outsourced the procedural work to private organisations.

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So, when Dhoni went to get his Aadhar card made, the enrollment office tweeted a picture which revealed his Aadhar details as well.

His wife slammed the centre as well as the IT officials by tweeting about it after which UIADI black listed the centre.

Now, this is where the problem lies. That government has failed to mitigate the risk factors in the entire Aadhar system. The private agencies are very casual about it and there  is no way that the central body can keep a check on 5400 such enrollment centers.

Already, around 1400 complaints have been received against several enrollment centers and a step has been taken in only 1 of them. That too because of the celeb pressure!

If this doesn’t scare you at how you’ve submitted all your confidential details (even bank details by linking Aadhar Card with PAN Card), I don’t know what will!

And if you argue with the logic that “fingerprints can’t be copied, so my details are safe”.. you’re a fool! In the ‘On Air With AIB’ episode: ‘Aadhar ya Na-dhar’, they also stated how fingerprints can be easily faked just by your pictures.

All this points towards nothing but how risky the ‘Aadhar Card’ is.

An identification system made to reduce fraud and corruption might just in fact, help in aiding more harms. We’re definitely moving towards something whose harms aren’t fully understood.

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