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Move Over MBA, It’s Now Time for Global MBA


Aaah MBA, that is, Masters in Business Administration, is not only one of the most sought after courses for business and commerce students but almost as if it is the only option available to business students.

What more, even non-commerce students, like those coming from English, History and other such streams believe that an MBA is just an essential these days.

Well, that might have been so, however, there is a new Prince (or Princess whichever you prefer) in town looking to dethrone MBA from its long rule.

And that is the course of MGB or specifically Master of Global Business.

Global MBA

What Is Master of Global Business

At the moment, the SP Jain School of Global Management is one of the few schools offering this course in the entire country, but soon this will be the new MBA given the importance of this course in our current corporate sector.

Now, the world is going global, and each day, corporations are looking to expand to unknown markets and audience.

In such a time, learning about business related to just one country is not only ignorant but also harmful to your future career in the corporate industry.

It is pertinent that you as a student, in order to raise your value among employers, know about global business issues and standards.

Even if you ultimately want to ‘Make in India’ still, knowing about business on a global scale will only help you to make profitable decisions for your company.

The SP Jain MGB  in that regards educates you about different business environments, market conditions, and cultures. And mind you, not all of this will happen from within the 4 walls of a classroom.

Their one of kind course is a tri-city program, takes students to Dubai, Singapore, and Sydney, where you will be spending about 4 months each.

Doing so will allow you to fully develop cross-cultural understanding and gain real-world experience, something that you cannot really do by just sitting in a class in India.

Why The Importance of MGB or GMBA 

While the MGB postgraduate program is for those without much work experience, the SP Jain GMBA or Global MBA is for those who have been working already and are looking to expand their qualifications.

The GMBA is a one year program and instead of introducing you to market practices, the program is more about giving light to innovations that have happened in the corporate sector.

The importance of both MBG and GMBA as courses is that they open up various perspectives and environments, both business and cultural to you. Knowledge in these areas is highly appreciated in the corporate industry and nowadays it is not only about appreciation but is a matter of necessity if you want to survive in the business world.

Global MBA

The Perks Of Graduating From SP Jain School of Global Management

If the tri-city campus of SP Jain Global is not enough of an incentive, then you should also know that SP Jain is recognized by the Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA), Australia meaning after graduation, you will be awarded an Australian Degree.

What this will do is give your degree an international weight which will be looked upon favourably by the employers.

Their admission process while being pretty straight-forward is keeping in with the standard of education they impart. Their SPJAT or SP Jain Aptitude Test is before admission and the student must meet their cut off if wanting admission.  Apart from the SPJAT, the institute also accepts CAT or GMAT scores as well.

For students of MGB, the institute also has mandatory 4-month internship that they must complete. With some of the top companies from varied industries coming for the placements drives, the mandatory internship will add value to you as a candidate. A lot of companies do not want to spend company resources on fresher’s and the internship will instead of being a liability to the company, make you an asset as you will already know the basics of the industry, knowledge of work environment and will be able to pick up duties quicker and easier than others.

The main aim here is to showcase the rising significance of business education on a global level, and courses like MGB and GMBA are working towards that only.


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