If there is one relationship in life that naturally and effortlessly scores over all other known relationships on planet Earth, it is one of a mother and her child. While it is said that sons are closest to their mothers, when it comes to daughters, mothers have a very strong bonding with them as well  which begins at an early age. Daughters become best friends with their mothers and they look up to them, but as they hit adulthood, this relationship tends to become sweet and sour  and their dynamics can go through many ups and downs. Personality differences, aspirations, hobbies, experiences and hormones can derail the harmonious relationship between them easily.

In the past, we have watched many shows that have reflected on this mother-daughter  dynamics that changes with time. This Mother’s Day we highlight yet another such mother-daughter relationship  between the daughter Shalini (played by Chrisanne Periera)  and her mother Mala (played by Lillete Dubey) in the recently launched show ‘Murder in Agonda’ produced by Arré Studio.

These five aspects highlight the complexities of this mother daughter duo in the show

  • Both are seeking love and acceptance

Although they do not enjoy a great relationship, they are both seeking the same things, that is love and acceptance and are struggling to find that in their relationships..

  • Lack of communication

Mala and Shalini barely speak to each other about their lives, feelings and struggles. Mala believes that her daughter is an arrogant spoiled brat and Shalini detests her mother because she  thinks her mother doesn’t care about her and wants her to leave her home and family. This lack of communication ultimately leads to misunderstandings and spoils their relationship.

  • Mirror effect

Daughters in their childhood days, look up to their mothers and try to emulate their behavior and attitude. Daughters idealize their mothers and mothers feel happy and validated. When daughters get into the “teenage phase”, they become less dependent and like to make their own decisions and aspirations. When the daughter’s thoughts and beliefs start to differ from those of her mother, conflicts arise between them ultimately causing rifts. This is the case in “Murder in Agonda’ as well however, towards the end of the series, Shalini realizes that she is very similar to her mother in many ways. 

  • Jealousy 

As the story progresses, we get to know that Mala has been struggling with her married life and she was very lonely, on the other hand, her daughter Shalini believed that her mother had an easy life as she got everything she wanted, she was extremely jealous of Mala’s lifestyle and easy life and she tried to befriend Mala’s young friend but ended getting hurt. 

  • Daughters aren’t receptive to unsolicited advice

Mothers love giving unsolicited advice to their daughters all the time. Mala used to judge her daughter’s dress sense, her circle and her habit of partying with her friends all the time. Shalini used to get irritated with this and it led to arguments between them. 

We all love our mothers. They are our first best friends. They guide us, teach us and even tear off pieces of their hearts to give to us, so we can feel their love. Though mother-daughter relationships can be tense as if they march to the beat of different drummers, they will always walk to the beat of the same heart. 


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