Mocemsa Perfume For Men And Women: Each Fragrance Has A Story Behind Its Creation

A famous perfumer had very aptly said, “Perfume puts the finishing touch to elegance – a detail that subtly underscores the look, an invisible extra that completes a man and a woman’s personality. Without it, something is missing.” Well, it’s true that perfume leaves your mark wherever you go especially when they are perfume for men and perfume for women by Mocemsa Perfumes.

A perfume is that essential part of your grooming which adds elegance to your personality. And what’s better than luxurious and unique olfactory experiences fragrances bottled in aesthetic and state-of-the-art perfume bottles? Mocemsa House Of Perfumery offers a wide range of perfumes for both men and women. It has become one of the best and leading perfume brands in India and all around the globe. With a mission “To make specialized rare fragrances, luxury perfumes accessible to Indian men and women and create a niche of its own,” Mocemsa has been cofounded by Mr Pulkit Malhotra and Mr Paarth Malhotra. 

Transforming Experiences into Perfumes

Each perfume has a story behind its creation, talking about which Mr Pulkit Malhotra claims,” Yes, it’s essentially true that each fragrance has an experience or a story attached to it. And each of the perfumes at Mocemsa has been inspired by a particular story and brought into being.”  While exploring more about Mocemsa Perfumes, we learned that Pulkit was mentored by the great master perfumer, Mr Max Gavarry who is the creator of Amber by Prada, Pour Homme by Dolce & Gabbana, etc. And, he emphasised time and again that to create fragrances, one needs to set their mind free, think like a painter who thinks in colours or a musician who does the same in sounds.  

Pulkit also shared the secret behind the ingredients used to make Mocemsa perfumes, “The best ingredients from all around the world are used while making a unique fragrance. For instance, vetiver is sourced from Haiti, vanilla is sourced from Madagascar, sandalwood from Mysore and agarwood from Assam in India and many more like that.” This is one of the key secrets and reason why Mocemsa perfumes stand rich, deep and original. Each raw material, note, and ingredient used in their perfumes brings along a creative adventure.

Experiential Travel Gives Birth to Exquisite Scents

Mocemsa co-founders give credits to their travel experiences for most of their perfumes have been ideated and created based on their memoirs from every place they travel to. They come across various smells, some known while many distinct. Once, they capture the experience of what they see and the different fragrances in their mind, the beautifully handcrafted bottles of perfumes are brought into being. For instance, the inspiration for Water Lily Eau De Parfum for women came from the lily flower under a waterfall. The idea for Love Berry Eau De Parfum came from the mixture of exotic fruits like raspberry strawberry and with a pinch of love. Al Ameer Eau De Parfum for men is influenced by the royal lives of the sultan.

A girl sitting in a garden of roses covered in gold was the inspiration behind the conceptualization of Al Ameera EDP for women. The story of The Proposal EDP, another unique fragrant blend of rich perfume notes, revolves around the roses kept in a vase. There are many more such examples of when they captured the essence of their surrounding and then presented it to the world as fresh authentic perfume creations. Moreover, they continue to do so. 

Thus, to conclude, as mentioned above, every perfume by Mocemsa has a never-heard-about story that led to its birth. The fragrance is created by advanced blending techniques that bring innovation to the fragrance industry.



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