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Merder of the English Tung


abc-wooden-block-letters-18353999I write for every time that ‘their’ became ‘there’ and ‘who’s’ became ‘whose’; For when it became acceptable to begin a sentence with ‘because’ and for when ‘colour’ turned into ‘color’, for when ‘effect’ became ‘affect’ and for when we all gave in.

“Stupidity abounds,” once said a wise soul “and it starts with poor writing skills.”

In a world where English exists as the official language in over fifty three countries and as one of the most widely spoken languages on the planet, one can only wonder and marvel as to how on Earth a person can mix pronunciations and spellings up, only to give rise to a new language altogether. For now, let us refer to this new tongue as – Murlish. (A combination of Murdered + English. Yes, it is rather uncreative, but never mind that.) Not hard to learn, this new tongue. Misspelt words, lack of punctuation, mispronunciation,  strangely structured statements and so on and so forth. To the average human being, Murlish seems to be the simplest of things. To the Grammar Nazis of the world, it’s worse than being tickled to death by a hundred feathers at the same time. I shudder at the thought. At one point of time, humans struggled to decipher hieroglyphics. We have reached that stage once again, what with the misplaced commas, invisible apostrophes, forgotten full stops, improper usage of words and much more. Dictionaries exist no more as dictionaries but as mere paperweights and the words man once used to express his emotions have somehow drowned in a distant sea, long forgotten.

~ Let’s eat Grandpa!
Let’s eat, Grandpa!
Punctuation. It saves lives. ~

To the rest of the future generations, may your sentences always be perfectly structured, and may dangling participles, lolspeak, bad spelling, and lack of punctuation never plague you.

On another note, do read this well written article by Zareer Masani : Writer and broadcaster for the BBC, as he makes note of India’s unique use of words in ‘English or Hinglish – which will India choose?’  ( Source :




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