January 20: Life is said to be a journey that has both low and high phases, but in the times of COVID-19, things are pretty much complicated as not only people have lost their loved ones, but their financial stability is also at risk as they lost their jobs, businesses were closed, and the economy got shattered due to lockdown too. It won’t be wrong to say that stress is all-time high in people, many have lost hope and the majority of us have no idea as to what to do for making our future bright. 

In such times, we need a guide who can heal us, reduce our sufferings and also show us the right path for our better future and Mumbai-based astrologer Sheetal Shaparia is certainly the one who can bring happiness in our lives. 

Sheetal Shaparia was born to a famous entrepreneur from South Mumbai, and in her childhood, she often saw a dream as per which she was an ardent follower of Lord Shiva from New Delhi. As she grew, her dream got clearer, and she also started to foresee events even before they took place and that too, with time and date. Though she was gifted yet, all this was too much for a young girl, and she was not able to sleep properly. On the occasion of Sheetal’s 13th birthday, her parents took her to a Jain saint who helped her in discovering the boons of Karma and made her understand that she had been blessed by God with powers and good fortune. The saint told Sheetal to meditate on a regular basis so that her energies can be channelled in the right way and also asked her to use her gift for the welfare of others. 

Sheetal Shaparia’s interest in Occult Sciences made her study in some best universities where she learnt several really amazing modalities, and one of them is Runes Reading. 

The meaning of rune is mystery or secret, and it is one of the ancient Occult Sciences which is still used for interpreting the future. Though runes are made up of various materials, the most common are wood, glass and stone. The runes have European alphabets carved on them, and they are usually stored in a pouch made of cloth. Generally, the runes are cast on a white cloth and answers to questions of the seeker are determined on the basis of the axis of the Sun. The answers received in Runes Reading are quite accurate, while a single rune is picked for the day reading, for detailed reading, three other runes are picked. Runes Reading is said to be very effective when it comes to finding the possible answer to the questions regarding an issue that is troubling the person. 

Sheetal Shaparia is one of the very few Indian astrologers who have knowledge of Runes Reading, and she has become an expert in this art of reading after studying at Universal Classes, United States of America. What makes Sheetal stand apart from other astrologers is her intuitive powers which guide her in finding the best possible solutions for her clients. 

Sheetal Shaparia is also apt in various other modalities such as I-Ching, Coffee Cup Reading, Tea Cup Reading, Wine/Beer Glass Reading, Numerology, Dream Interpretation, Tarot Card Reading, Crystal Reading, Vastu Shastra, Color Reading & Therapy, Candle Therapy, Drawing Analysis and Feng Shui.

Sheetal Shaparia has a huge experience of helping people, including Bollywood celebs and VVIPs, as she has been working as an emotional wellness coach and astrologer since 1998 and her intelligence and wisdom make her capable of creating business plans for her clients. She has been using her healing powers for reducing the suffering of those who are facing a lot of problems due to COVID-19. 

Sheetal Shaparia has written many articles on astrology and emotional wellness for some famous publications such as Cosmopolitan, Times of India, Grazia, Femina, Mumbai Mirror, Pune Mirror, Indian Express, The Pioneer, etc. Not just this, you can also watch her videos at Tata Sky and India.com. Sheetal Shaparia has also been awarded various honours and accolades, including ET Award, NDTV award, etc. 

If you are also tired of facing problems in life and wish to live a happy life, make an appointment with Sheetal Shaparia and get your Runes Reading done. Website: www.sheetalshaparia.com



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