Tickling his creative bone, Rakesh Kumar Yadav excels in many roles as a comedian, musician, and YouTuber.

Mumbai, May 31: The way individuals are exploring internationally with their sheer talent, skills, and creativity has certainly propelled them to another level of success and fame. But is it that easy to establish oneself in such a competitive era? Several individuals are truly an inspiration when we glance at their success journey. Rakesh Kumar Yadav is one such name which is blessed with astonishing talent not in one but in multiple domains. This young budding talent is a comedian, musician, and YouTuber. Rakesh is highly creative in his work and passionately explores his skills in front of millions of audiences. The multi-artist is becoming one of the most familiar names among the audiences.

He is a complete artist and performer. He performs as a music artist, and his music craft has entertained the audiences to the core. The perfect sense of beat and rhythm engrosses the viewers in his music art. Along with a music artist, he has also explored himself widely in the zone of comedy, which is one of the most difficult tasks to make other people laugh with your sense of humour. But Rakesh has swiftly moved on even in this creative work. 

As a YouTuber, he has his own YouTube channel – Marwadi Masti. He has more than 1.7 million subscribers. His videos on his channel are short plays which enhance the fun and along with a very good message to the society. His YouTube content is highly appreciated by his fans and millions of viewers. Though achieving this level of success was not a cakewalk for Rakesh, the self-made man desperately works hard on polishing his skills and creativity. Whether he is a comedian, musician or YouTuber, he has stupendously performed in each zone and blessed the viewers’ life. 

Much more creative craft is on the way by the young multi-talent. Stay tuned with the artist on his YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-BtUH8tn3WbUbAXpsAyYlw and follow him on Instagram @kajod_70.

Meet Rakesh Kumar Yadav, an emerging name and figure in the creative world.


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