Life becomes tougher when you are one of those sweet-hearted angels who can never muster up the courage to say a loud, blunt “No” to someone who is simply trying to take undue advantage of you.

Are you one of them?

Well, if that is the case then I suggest you grow some balls (due to lack of a better phrase).

Say No

Because not saying no to others may be convenient and easy for you as well as for them but, in the long run, it is not healthy!

Believe me when I say this:

Saying No to others is very important to be more productive, minimize stress levels and lead a happy, healthy life.

Not to mention it gives you more time for yourself and lets you come out as a genuine person to everyone.

So here are some pretty doable hacks which will definitely help you say no WHENEVER you want to:

#1. List Out Your Priorities:

Getting a clear picture of what your priorities are can go a long way in giving you that extra push you need to man up.

If you know you have certain prior commitments, you can simply say, “I would have to say no because I am too busy with my own commitments already.”

Simple and smooth. And honest.

In this way, you would not be shown in bad light.

#2. LIE:

Do not have any prior commitments?

Just lie! (Provided it’s not to harm anybody).

Say that you have to meet a friend when you are forced to work double shifts for a co-worker.

Do not hold back from lying to someone just because you can’t disappoint them. You don’t have any moral obligation to be truthful to them at all times.

Say No

#3. Ignore Those Calls If You Have To:

Sadly, there are a bunch of annoying humans who have difficulty in hearing the word NO.

Say no

They will keep on pleading to you.

If you are not in front of them, they will call or text to emotionally blackmail you.

Ignore messages and calls of such persistent people if you have to. You can always keep your phone aside for some mental peace and catch up at your own leisure.

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#4. Do Not Feel Guilty:

I repeat.

Do not feel guilty.

Say no

I know when you say a big fat NO to someone’s face, your guilty mode gets activated and you feel like you deserve the award for the Worst Person Ever.

But, people don’t have to feel guilty and blame themselves for being a tad bit selfish. After all, you are not hurting anybody.

It’s okay to think about yourself sometimes.

#5. Avoid Using The Word “Sorry”:

This is one of the most common mistakes people make when they are saying no to feel less guilty. They apologize.

What are you apologizing for?

Saying no is not an offence you should be sorry for. It just makes you look weak in front of the other person and give them a loophole to manipulate you.

Say No

There you go.

These are some of the hacks which have personally helped me getting better at saying no to others without sounding selfish.

I sincerely hope that you will keep these easy hacks in mind whenever you want to say that dreadful “No” to someone.


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