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College. These are basically the three most important years of our life when we are most likely to start dating for real, decide what we really want in our life and whether we want to have a comfortable, stable lifestyle or a crappy one. But the bigger question is how one is supposed to enjoy college life without guys. Most of us girls join convent colleges for their academic excellence and we think that college will finish before we even realize we were in all-girls land for three years of our lives. Well, that does not happen most of the times because when you see all your other friends in co-ed colleges dating someone, telling you how much fun they have with their large group of friends, you are likely to feel the anguish and boy, does it really pinch!

Now it is totally upon you whether you choose these three years to become mean or ‘bitchy’ girls as they are commonly called or you use these years to have an absolutely crazy time with your girlfriends- clicking hundred pictures a day, bunking classes and going shopping randomly and even sulking with them when you have to! So what do you choose?

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The key to surviving an all-girls college is patience. No hurry girls. Have no fear, the boys will come. Amidst this longing to have guy friends and start dating, what we forget is the joy an all-girls college can offer. The friends you make here will last a lifetime. You don’t need to think twice before saying anything; you don’t need to be conscious of yourself and you can wear just about anything. Even pajamas are acceptable wear in a convent. Life in an all-girls college can be pretty simple if you want it to be- you spare yourself from all the relationship and commitment drama. You have to accept that there’s going to be plenty of time to have a serious relationship later. Who said your life is ending?  Apart from all these things, the most important thing such colleges teach is that we are ones with sole command over our happiness; our happiness does not depend on others.

Here are some tips which will make your life in an all-girls college much easier:

  • First day! Never discount the importance of your first day, especially in a same-sex college. Smile at everyone and don’t be judgmental. Say hi to EVERYONE. A simple hello is harmless. Don’t wait around to make friends. Introduce yourself but try not to be over eager.
  • Dressing sense. Yes it’s a same-sex college and you simply don’t care about what these girls think about the way you look, but it is important. Everyone knows how catty some girls can be. Even if you are not the getting ready types, try to at least look neat. Add an accessory to your outfit and you are good to go. You don’t want to get out of the habit of dressing up a little once in a while because remember college will just last three years, not a lifetime.
  • Oh My God, boys. Do not get over excited if you see guys in college sometimes. No one likes desperate girls. Yes you all have hormones and feelings but there will be plenty of chances to meet guys- college fests and competitions. So go on and join your favorite society. Do the work.
  • Drama. Avoid it all costs. It’s only natural to have drama when you put a bunch of girls together so imagine what can happen in three years. It may seem fun but it definitely isn’t. If there’s a problem, try to clear out things calmly. Do not bitch about others with anyone. You never know when you may become the target so keep things to yourself. If you don’t like someone, avoid talking to them.

Remember that you are still pretty much a part of the world.  Don’t make yourself feel isolated from the rest because you are studying in all-girls college. You can still have all the fun in the world! Who said you have fun only when boys are around? Give it a chance, and you will be amazed at what all you can do with your girlfriends.


Ayesha Kumar
Ayesha Kumarhttp://edtimes.in
My love for reading, both books and people is something which cannot be put into words! Although a student of commerce at Jesus & Mary College, I enjoy writing about dating and romance more than finance and stock markets; keeps me a little far from the reality. I am a dreamer and I absolutely love finding romance in everything in this world.


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