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Let High Heels Do The Talking


By Kokil Sachdeva


Being a woman is definitely not easy. Besides the trouble of menstruation and labour, we are burdened by norms. The norms which tell us to act like this, dress like that, wear this and not that, and it goes on. But ultimately, the difficulty is nothing but a bitter cherry on a wonderful sweet cake. Yes! I called a girl’s life sweet. Because apart from the tough part, there is much more to being a woman: to dress up, wear stylish clothes and the best make up. And of course, not to forget: We get to wear HEELS!

I remember a line mentioned by the amazing Spanish shoe designer Manolo Blahnik, who said, “You put high heels and you change”. Blahnik sir, you are so true with your words. After all, heels are just an accessory, but they make you look sexier like never before every time you don them. It not only makes you taller by adding height, but also flexes your calves, giving your legs a fit and a much leaner look. The outcome: Every posture of yours turns hot. Amazingly HOT!!

roberto cavalli

This 16th century creation, which has now become a raged accessory of every woman’s wardrobe, has that mysterious charisma that makes you feel so special. I really pity you if you mistake heels for ordinary footwear. For they are a passion, a source of authority, mark for sexual independence, a flaunted femininity.

To put it simple and straight: Heels are elegant, fashionable and chic. And a must have for every girl. It’s OK if you have always befriended sneakers. It’s never too late to switch to heels. For when you decide to do, it is just the right time.

But then, there’s another part of the story too. Just like the rule which says that, you cannot have something say ‘A’, without giving up on another thing ‘B’, governs every materialistic desire, and heels are no exception. If ‘A’ in its case is that ‘cannot-be-put-into-words’ feeling of putting on heels, ‘B’ is comfort. It’s been medically proven that, wearing heels for long can damage your feet; temporarily or even permanently. Right from ulcers, swellings to major faults which can only be surgically corrected, a high heel can give you all. But then, when we go through so much, we are strong enough to bear this pain as well. Aren’t we?


Christian Louboutin, the creator of the sexiest heels, also describes heels as pleasure with pain. And I am all in for this pleasure and so is half the female population, who spend nearly $19 million on heels over 3 inches high, every year (Girls, we are!). So there is something about heels, which makes everyone ignore the disclaimers. Well, if you are not in for ignoring them, I have a plan B.


Designers have been kind enough to come up with options for stilettos and pumps:  We have wedges and kitten heels. While the former is nothing but flats with height, the latter refers to sandals with heels not more than 1.2”. They may not give you the same pleasure of a stiletto, but would definitely not give you the same pain either. And then, you have all the right to go for the pain, occasionally.

And to finish off with the praises of the queen of shoe wardrobe; heels are a must try, if you’re an adult legally. If you have been lucky enough to have that ‘X’ chromosome from your father, how can you be stupid to miss out on the best creation ever made for you? And trust me, dying without ever trying a 6” sky- scrapper under your feet, is terrible and sadder than dying a virgin.

And as Marilyn Monroe said, “I don’t know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot”.


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