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Learn The Mastery Of Stock Trading Market With Geldwickx


Stock market trading is a skill that is unknown to many. It requires a risk-taking temperament, immense fortitude and a meticulously planned strategy to invest in the stock market.
If u want to learn the funda of stock marketing Log on to Geldwickx, a firm created by young MBA graduates, Sai Sriram Viswanadha and Deepasana Mohanty. They got together for a startup with a curious name “Geldwickx”, whose main aim is to create financial independence for people who get in touch with them.
Geldwickx means ‘money from the candle’ in German language! Founders Sriram and Deepasana literally burnt both ends of the candle to make their startup a success and help other succeed as well.
Geldwickx allow a beginner to learn the necessary tips and tricks along with acquiring the skills to understand the stock market. The fact that India has had an exponential growth in the number of traders in the past few years made for the perfect backdrop to the venture.
Currently ongoing lockdown when the market is reeling under stress, they have still managed to train more than a hundred people in stock market trading and earn a second income for themselves. All those success stories are shared on their social media profiles including on Instagram and YouTube.
Both the founders did their MBA from ICFAI business school in Bengaluru before joining hands for Geldwickx. They trained people in stock market trading and helped them to start making their own money through share market. After all, who doesn’t want a second source of income!
But more than training these aspirants to a better life, the challenge before the Geldwickx team was to create awareness about stock markets as people believe more myths than facts about this line of business. The Geldwickx team of analysts has been involved in the financial domain for more than four years.
The company website states, “We believe in sharing the knowledge that we have gained working for international trading and investing firms in an easy to understand manner, which will help you to take a well-planned step to financial freedom.” Among the multiple services that the company offers, main are –
Stock Market Training
Investment Planning
Advisory Services
Describing their work process, Sriram and Deepasana explain, “The strategies that we have developed ourselves and have proven fruitful to us will be passed on to you, so that you need not reinvent the wheel. We have over 100 clients across the globe which stands as our best testimonial.”
Geldwickx is considered to be a knowledge-initiating platform used to educate and guide the uninitiated about the concepts of financial freedom.
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