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Jared Overeem and Overdrive NYC Make Their Mark in 2020


Startup Fortune, December 12, 2020: It’s January 2021 and if the music industry has learned anything, it’s that the challenges of 2020 will make everyone a better entrepreneur.

Overeem already had a resume built on self-determination but has now had his business explode into what seems to be an overnight success. Overeem is a self-taught entrepreneur who was just featured as one of the “TOP 5 MUSIC MANAGERS OF THE PANDEMIC. According to Overeem, the label side of Overdrive has signed over 20 acts in 2020 and not in the typical way. One of the unique artist favorite features of an overdrive is a 50/50 split between artists and label on all income. A new way of thinking that has had an abundance of talent knocking on the doors of Overdrive.

It’s been a hard year… But also a good year. Why? Because we were forced to make change” – says Jared Overeem, founder of the hybrid management/record label Overdrive  NYC.

Covid-19 has sparked a renaissance of people wanting to make music. There is so much new talent creating new revenues that it has now become harder for artists to get signed to a major with a good deal. It has become popular for an artist to put out their own music through one of the many readily available platforms, but to get signed to a major, Overdrive seems to be the “go to” segue. The artists Overeem signs, seem to make quick heavy leaps in the industry.

After artist LODATO’s Multiple week #1 Dance Radio and Billboard hit “Home,” He managed to lock his second #1 Dance Radio Record with LODATO – “GOOD,” which resulted in a major deal at Spinnin Records/Warner. Overeem also released a 2020 record with Hollywood socialite Paris Hilton on his Overdrive label, where all proceeds are being donated to the Code Silence charity. With the lockdown halting live shows, he switched his artist Vinny Vibes focus to hosting a brand-new weekly radio show every Friday called “Good Vibes” on the Pitbull’s Globalization (Sirius XM). In the later months of 2020, he signed a record deal for 18-year-old Brandon Greenstein’s The BreakBomb Project with Universal Music Group. Overeem also locked in multi track record deals for platinum vocalist Vassy with Robbins Ent. and then again with ONEDUO.

Overeem and Overdrive is surely on the Ones To watch List. Keep an eye out for the IPO.

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