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It’s festival time at DU again


New to DU? Here’s exactly what you shouldn’t miss.
DU fests are the most awaited events of the year. Be it the cultural fests of various colleges or departmental fests, they form the city buzz! It is the best time to showcase your skills and talent in front of everybody.
Its the same time of the year again and here’s just what you’ve got to do:

Be on the look out for events that interest you. College notice board is where you’ll find information about the latest fests and events. Maximize the level of participation, for even if you do not win, you gain experience worth a thousand victories. Register yourself well in time and prepare well. Not participating yet attending, too, offers exposure and thus opportunities to grow. If you’re a DU student, do make it to being a part of organizing fests at your own college. Keep in touch with friends from different colleges to have entry passes arranged for yourself.

    Also, colleges like SRCC, St. Stephens, Hanraj, Bhagat Singh etc. these days are offering cool cash prizes of up to 1 lac and above. So who would mind winning some extra pocket money and enjoy college life more. Love Concerts? DU Colleges organize great Cultural Fests wherever your beloved Indian artists perform. These events having massive footfall are a complete extravaganza for the students. SRCC Crossroads is the biggest of all.

    Lets come to the intellectual side: We see are parents trading in the stock market and bullion. Well, ‘Mock Stock’ is a virtual stock market trading event which lets you brush your trading skills. So, basically you will become cool enough to tell your parents something about the Share Bazaar. Quizzes, Debates, MUNs and Case Study Competitions sharpen the blunt edge of our mind to think more than what other students think and portray. New events like Monopoly, Music-O-Nomics have also caught up the attention of students.

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