With the production of coronavirus vaccines increasing day by day, several countries and regions across the world are now in a blind rush to get as many of their citizens vaccinated as possible.

Besides the big ones like Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and AstraZeneca, we also now have Sputnik V, Covishield, Covaxin, and more COVID-19 vaccines that are being used.

It seems now that governments and authorities of various regions across the globe are now trying to get as many people vaccinated in the shortest duration of time. But while people are eager to find a solution to this disease and be protected against it, there have been many speculations and misinformation about the vaccines.

Which has resulted in people becoming wary of it and reluctant to get, fearing some severe or life-taking side-effects.

In order to counter this, authorities and companies have come up with COVID vaccine lotteries, among which Hong Kong is really blinging it up.

Hong Kong’s Outrageous Gifts

Hong Kong it seems is not very happy about the slow turnout of citizens to get their COVID-19 vaccine shots.

So, in order to get past this, they along with several companies and organisations have come up with vaccine incentive prizes that almost round up to $15 million.

Hong Kong’s city Chief Executive Carrie Lam in a briefing revealed “The value of various lotteries or reward programs, we have learned from news reports, has exceeded HK$120 million.”

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The outrageous gifts include Tesla cars, iPhones, gold bars and much more. Local businesses are also participating heavily in Hong Kong’s vaccination programmme by offering expensive and attractive gifts as an incentive for people to get their COVID-19 vaccines.

A Hong Kong company called Sun Hang Kai Properties is apparently offering iPhones to people who get the vaccine shot, while Henderson Land Development Company is giving vaccinated people the opportunity to win gold bars.

As if all that was not enough, Goodman Group an Australian industrial property has taken it a step further by announcing a lottery that has prizes over HK$1 million to everyone who gets vaccinated by 31st August 2021.

A report by Bloomberg also states that the company is also doing to be doing a giveaway of a Tesla Model 3 for HongKong residents.

It seems these incentives are doing their job as people are taking the steps to get registered for their vaccine shots. On Tueday reports stated that over 34,600 people had reserved a slot to get the COVID-19 vaccine from BioNTech SE and China’s Sinovac Biotech Ltdalready.

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