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Internet Trolls Matrimonial Ad That Specifies Bra, Weight And Waist Size


There is no dearth of bizarre matrimonial ads, from a very specific height, hair colour, eye colour, mindset, particular jobs, income and whatnot, we’ve seen almost everything we could by this point.

Even such ads from olden times have not been able to escape the newer generation’s eagle eye and gotten trolled and mocked at. In essence, the very concept of these ads is flawed and just beggging to be trolled. A person putting an ad for a partner like you’d put one for a TV, scooter or similar other non-living objects, what is someone supposed to do but not get at least a good chuckle out it.

The latest one that’d caught the net’s eye was one where the woman’s bra and waist size was specified by a man on an online matrimonial site.

As was expected it was caught by someone on the net who posted a screenshot of the ad and people went to town on it.

What Is This Matrimonial Ad?

An ad posted on the matrimonial site called Betterhalf.ai caught the eye of several people online for its bizarre specifications.

In the ad a man listed out very specific measurements of any potential bride’s body from her waist size, height to even the boob size. The user wrote that woman should have “conservative values- pro life, 2A, and liberal.” He also stated that the woman should have a height between “5’2 to 5’6” and that her weight be between “105lbs-115lbs”. He even said that her breast size be “32b to 32c, size 12-16 (waist) and size 6-7 (feet).” 

The ad also added that the woman should “Be fun but down to earth. Be manicured/pedicured and yourself fairly clean. Your attire should be 80% casual and 20% formal, but should be into wearing costumes in bed. Be trustworthy, honest, and into movies, road trips, and family stuff. PG stuff with others and R-XXX w/me. You must also have or love dogs and no kids. 18-26 year olds.”

As expected this went a bit viral on Twitter.


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The platform on which the matrimonial ad was made did respond to the tweet and said that necessary action had been taken against the user.

But when asked exactly what particular breach they had done, the platform just shared their terms of use page instead of stating the exact reason.

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Sources: NDTV, India Today, Times Now

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