This season introduced us to some of the best NBA rookies who are here to stay in the long run and they’ve already made some marvelous opening statements.

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Be it shouldering the responsibilities of scoring crucial points or developing an eye for a pin-point pass, this year’s rookie class is way deeper than usual and has introduced us to some of the biggest future superstars (if all goes well, of course).

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Although, it was quite surprising to see that only one rookie out of the best of the lot made it to the conference finals but the fact that these newcomers have adjusted almost seamlessly in their teams and have played regular minutes making crucial plays makes them all the more special.

Our job is to simply recognise their talent and appreciate it.

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So without further ado, we present the top 5 best NBA rookies from the 2017-18 season:

Honourable mentions to Bogdan Bogdanovic, OG Anunoby and Lauri Markkanen.

Here’s to a guaranteed action-packed sophomore season from these rookies!

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Sources: ESPN, NBC Sports, CBS Sports + more

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