The 3rd phase of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections has started. Delhi’s elections are to be held in this phase.

Even though these elections have come to feel like a one-on-one election, it is not. We aren’t electing a man as the PM, we are electing MPs who’ll form a government and then elect the PM.

Or at least that’s how it’s supposed to work.

Delhi has 7 Lok Sabha constituencies and it’s largely a 3-way battle between the AAP, the BJP, and the Congress.

But in typical Delhi fashion, our candidates have only been finalized yesterday. BJP, AAP, and Congress took their sweet time in releasing their candidates.

The decision was full of its own controversies which involved BJP MP Udit Raj being denied a ticket from his own party. He then left the party and joined the Congress.

In any case, they have been finalised and here they are: *drumrolls*

1 ) Chandni Chowk

2) New Delhi

3) North-West Delhi

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4) North-East Delhi

5) West Delhi

6) South Delhi

7) East Delhi

Did you vote for your MP or your PM? Comment down below!

Sources: Economic Times, Business Standard, Business Today

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Image Source: Google Images, Tanmay Mehra

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