It is often difficult for any sector to maintain a consistent type of popularity in today’s time.

Be it smartphones, food, gadgets, software, cars, automobiles, etc, we live in a world of constant updates and newer and better things being available to us before the older version has even lasted for a few months.

So for any one brand to keep their popularity among the general public is surely something to take note of.

The item in question here though is the Honda Activa scooter, which has somehow been able to keep a pretty decent track record over its 20 years of existence without really going out of the market entirely.

Right now, the Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India is celebrating twenty years of the Activa scooters, reportedly one of the best selling scooters of India.

Although first launched in 2001, Activa has dominated the sales chart time and again over the years, showing strong sale numbers.

To celebrate this achievement, Honda even unveiled a special 20th-anniversary edition of Activa 6G.

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Hero Splendor has been a close competitor of Activa for quite some time though the latter has been able to keep its top position intact for now.

Over the years, Honda has been updating the Activa model and launching an upgraded model every few years.

2018 saw the launch of Activa 5G, while 2020 had the 6G being launched.

During the financial year (FY) of 2019-20, Activa sold around 25,91,059 units as compared to the previous FY2018-19 when they sold 30,08,334 units.

Even with the slight dip in numbers, Activa still topped the list as the most sold scooter in India.

Activa also managed to make Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India break the record of having the most sales in the scooter segment having a whopping 2.5 crore units sold overall.

Reports state that Activa made a big number of sales in this record.

A solid build quality, constant updates to the system and pretty decent mileage for a scooter have all been able to impress the people and allowed it to keep its popularity over the two decades it has been in existence.

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Sources: Hindustan Times, Business Today, Livemint 

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