India is in a dark place right now with the news of the horrific rape case that recently happened in Hyderabad. 

The incident happened last week when a 26 year old female veterinarian’s scooter broke down while she was coming back home. She supposedly called her sister for help but soon after went missing. 

Her family had actually been searching for her for a few days before her dead body was found burned with possibility of her being raped. 

As per reports she was about to take a cab when two men offered their help, but they then ambushed her and dragged her around 50 meters from the Tondupally toll plaza.

The fact that she was gang-raped and tortured in such a horrifying manner has shook the entire nation. 

However, while majority are offering their condolences and support with the fight to get justice for Disha (as a way to respect the privacy of the victim and her family, the name ‘Disha’ is being used instead of her real one) there are also some sick and disturbing individuals who are once again putting all the blame on girls. 

One of them being a South Indian filmmaker who posted a, frankly shocking and idiotic post on how women should behave in light of this case and what will happen if they don’t comply. 

What Did This Filmmaker Say?

South Indian filmmaker Daniel Shravan had posted this on his Facebook on Sunday:

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There was another post that read:

“Government should encourage legalize Rape Without Violence Scheme (No Killing after Rape). Girls above 18 should be educated on rapes (i.e. girls should not deny sexual desires of men). Only then these type of things will not happen.
It is foolishness that killing Veerappan will control smuggling, killing Laden will control terrorism. In the same way, “Nirbhaya Act” can’t control “Rapes with Violence”. Especially Indian girls should be aware of sex education (carrying condoms and dental dams after age of 18).
Simple Logic….when the sexual desire is fulfilled men wouldn’t kill women. Government should pass a scheme something like this to control deaths after rape. Society, women organizations and government are frightening rapists with Nirbhaya Act, pepper spray etc.
Rapists are not finding a way to get their bodily sexual desires and getting these killing thoughts. An evil thought provokes crime (killing).
Better women should accept men’s sex.”

The post is entirely stupid and derogatory to women and makes a mockery of the extremely atrocious crime that is rape. 

As per reports he even wrote that, “If these adamant bitches didn’t consent to the proposal made by the rapists, they will have no other way but to rape them”.

I had previously read many statements from people on how the woman should have been better dressed, she shouldn’t step out at night, not eat junk food etc. However, they somehow all pale in comparison to this nonsense that this man has spewed. 

And now apparently, after the massive backlash he got, he’s trying to backtrack and claim that all these were just dialogues from his movie and not his own thoughts. 

He’s deleted the posts from his Facebook and apologised for his words. His excuse here is that these are dialogues he is writing for a villain character in his new movie and that the people misunderstood it. 

Which according to me is just a bunch of BS and is clearly just the guy trying to save his behind in light of the extreme anger his words caused. 

A lot of people on Twitter have asked him to get mental health help, which he clearly needs if he can even bear to write such words in the first place.

What The Action Should Be Here

Frankly, this man should have some legal action taken against him for writing such offensive and insensitive posts online. 

On Tuesday the Hyderabad Cyber Crime police arrested a youngster, Chavan Sriram (22), from Fakirabad in Nizamabad district in Telangana state for posting objectionable comments on social media about the gang-rape and murder victim. 

The Joint Commissioner of Police (Detective Department) Avinash Mohanty was quoted saying that, “He posted vulgar and objectionable comments about the victim Disha on Facebook page ‘Stalin Sriram’.” 

On November 30th a suo motu case was registered against Chavan Sriram after many people raised complaints against him of posting comments that were vulgar and obscene and reported him to the police. 

The police on their part are also discouraging people from using the real name, picture and information about the victim or her family and also to not make hurtful comments about them. Doing so could bring on legal action being taken against the original commenter. 

Hopefully this kind of an action can be taken against this particular filmmaker too along with anyone who tries to misuse this extremely sensitive issue to their own personal gain.

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Sources: India Today, Pune Mirror, The Hindu

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