The popular stereotype that females love shopping, does not really apply to me, not because I hate shopping, but because it is literally impossible to find practical and comfortable clothing in the females section. Most of the time for the day to day wear, I have to visit the men’s section since it has the things I would require.

This is not the first time I have been faced by the nightmare that is the female clothing section, and even the society at large has noticed the impractical nature of clothing for women that are found in most malls and shops these days.

Female clothing that is practical and not meant to look good only is a rarity, with 90% of the clothes, even the normal daily wear being more about the garment looking good and fashionable, than usability.

While for men, the opposite is true with them having clothes that are built for comfort and pragmatic use and the fashionable clothing being the rarity.

Let us see a few examples of how female outfits sold by major shops and malls are practically useless and nonsensical when you want ease and comfort.

1. What Is Up With The Pants:

This has been a longstanding issue with most female clothes that has been talked about all over the world, where pants for women rarely have pockets. Or even if they do, then the pockets are extremely small in size so that you can barely put in mere change into the pockets let alone anything like wallet, phone, keys etc.

And the pockets are not the only problem, the fit, size, and waist are also big problems.

Recently I got a pair of pants and turned out that the waist was extremely low and did not reach beyond a certain limit. While these kind of waist-styles are alright for some bottoms, having them for something as common as track pants or office wear pants are not.

The fit is too focused more on hugging all the curves and being tight rather than allowing some room to breathe especially in formal wear.

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2. Tops Or More Like Loose Fabric Stitched At Sides

The tops are another nonsensical thing that I see in most female sections of shops, where either the tops are literally nightwear kinda or they are so skimpy and impossible to wear that it is a joke.

The material of these tops is mostly flimsy and see-through that hardly provides any kind of protection from wind, rain or other weather issues. They also have a plethora of cuts: off shoulder styles or tops with lots of strings that make it difficult to wear when your purpose is to make sure the focus is not on your clothing at a work meeting.

The neck is another problem with the V neck tops being too deep and the round neck ones having too wide that it keeps showing your inner wear.

3. Nightwear

An acquaintance’s mother recently tried purchasing some nightwear at a popular brand’s shop but had to return empty-handed since the collection was so bad.

Even upon my own experience, nightwear is either on the sultry and provocative side or only has one piece of the set correct. Also, it seems that these brands are forgetting that not all girls wear shorts as nightwear and some want something more covering like full coverage bottoms or pyjamas.

These are a few reasons why it has almost become impossible for me to shop in the women’s clothing section and I have to visit the men’s section in order to find basic things like well fitting pants with pockets, decent tops, shirts and even the nightwear or workout wear tracks.

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