Do you know that you can make a huge fortune from trading Binary Options? Many people already know this, but they largely approach Binary Options trading with a one-legged approach. A one-legged approach basically means that they invest in Binary Options without taking on many risks.

Trading Binary Options according to your risk capabilities is great. Still, a trading system like Binary Options rewards higher risk, and those who stick with less risk may not get worthwhile returns.

Believe it or not, you can trade Binary Options and get huge returns without actually bearing any risks. Substituting your money with a free bonus compared to trading with your hard-earned money alone can make a significant difference.

 Huge Returns, Zero Risks – Is it possible in Binary Options Trading?

Every trader likes the sound of getting huge returns with no risks. However, the difference between big-time traders and others is the risk they bear. The no-risk way to trade Binary Options is an open secret and might be the opportunity for newbies to rub shoulders with professional traders.

What many traders do not know about Binary Options Free Bonuses

Free bonuses are one of the most beneficial resources that a Binary Options trader must get acquainted with. They make a huge difference in the trading experience. They help give traders good returns without necessarily taking any risks.

Many people who started their Binary Options trading in India did not know about free Binary Options bonuses at the start of their trading journeys. When they came across it along the line, most people did not understand how they could use it to their maximum advantage. Some of the information available at the early stages were also social media gimmicks meant to swing trades in favor of some people.

In the early days of Binary Options trading, free bonuses were not readily available. Now, the competition among brokers is high; hence, many brokers offer these bonuses to attract new traders and retain old traders on their platforms.

 Depending on the broker’s preference, these free bonuses may be available as signup bonuses for new traders. For old traders, free bonuses are usually available when they hit certain trading limits. This may advance them to a higher trading level with more bonuses. Some brokers also offer bonuses and additional tutorials to unravel tips that can boost your profit when you trade Binary Options.

Unfortunately, the percentage of traders who make good use of free bonuses is smaller than the huge advantages they offer.

 How to get huge risk-free returns from trading Binary Options

There are different types of free bonuses offered by most Binary Options brokers. The first step to getting huge returns from using these bonuses is to understand their terms. Understanding the terms attached to them makes it easy for you to tailor your trading strategy to match them.

Here are the most common free bonuses available on Binary Options trading platforms:

  • No Deposit Bonus

No Deposit Bonuses are free bonuses available to people just beginning their Binary Options trading journey. These bonuses encourage beginners to start trading because most people find it difficult to start.

Opening a new Binary Options trading account qualifies you for a no deposit bonus. The broker will then make some funds available to you to trade.

The terms associated with no deposit trades are strict. Some brokers give a short timeframe to use the no deposit bonus. Others may mandate you to reach a high trading volume. Some may restrict you from withdrawing until you deposit some money into your trading account.

  • Welcome Bonus

A welcome bonus is a type of bonus that gives traders free bonuses depending on their initial deposits. The brokerage platform returns the trader’s initial deposit in percentages that can go as high as 300%.

Suppose you make an initial deposit of 1000 Rupees, and the brokerage offers a 200% welcome bonus. In that case, you will be given an additional 2000 Rupees to make your total deposit equal to 3000 Rupees.

Welcome bonuses offer traders a huge advantage as they have more available funds to trade with. The trick to taking advantage of welcome bonuses is to make a significant first deposit that you can withdraw later after you have received your bonus. Some brokerage platforms may require that you trade up to a certain volume before you can withdraw your funds, and you may not be allowed to withdraw bonus funds.

  • No-Risk Trades

Some brokers offer new traders access to zero-risk trades for a period to onboard the new trader. You can trade without losing your money with these risk-free trades, even when you make a loss call. The brokerage will not deduct your money. When you make profits, you can keep all your profits.

No-risk trades are a great way for new traders to get acquainted with the trading system and learn to avoid silly mistakes. Terms associated with these no-risk trades may include a limit to the number of available trades, a time limit, and a maximum amount limit.


Free bonuses can make a huge difference in your trading experience. However, you should know that getting free money places huge responsibilities on your shoulders. Meeting these responsibilities can guarantee that you will not lose the free money. You can begin to accrue huge profits by developing your trading strategies in line with the free bonuses.


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