We all know that physical businesses are still popular despite dwindling. On the other hand, e-commerce is seeing a rise day by day, little by little. Each has its potential benefits and disadvantages. But, from a customer perspective, why is it that we are fearful when we make a purchase online? We do not have that sort of fear while purchasing something from a traditional, old-looking, brick and mortar store.

Most probably the single thing that counts is the matter of “trust”. Purchasing from a physical store gives us the confidence that we get what we see. On the other hand, we have no guarantee that we will get the same thing as promised while buying online.

“Having a brick-and-mortar store gives you a unique identity, an established trust, and a heritage of customer relationships. Having a brick-and-mortar store along with an online presence means you are familiar with the psychology of buyers, and this gives you an upper hand over your competitors who are just an addition to the online noise,” said Zeeshan Zafiri, the CEO of AALA Fabrics.

It’s no surprise that conscious customers look for a physical fabric store with an online presence when they have to buy fabrics online. As said earlier, it is a matter of trust that keeps them returning to the same spot whenever they have to buy fabrics. Repeat customers are the bread and butter of every business, and AALA seems to understand it well.

AALA is a legacy Fabric brand of India established in 1957. In the heart of Mumbai, it began as a brick-and-mortar fabric store and expanded its business rapidly. The brand ensured its online presence at the beginning of the third millennium and has spread overseas in a short time. During its journey from a physical store to an online store backed by a physical store, it has stuck to its core values.

Pinpointing the dilemma and tragedy of online fabric stores, Zeeshan Zafiri said: “Running a traditional store has shaped the way we are. It made it possible for us to understand the needs of our customers and have empathy for them. It is only because of dealing with thousands of customers daily at our store that we can put ourselves in their shoes and make conscious decisions for them. We are not like many conventional online stores out there who seem to be indifferent to the welfare of their customers and do not understand what they want from them. It is because they do not know their customers at all.”

Knowledge and expertise always pay off in the long run. It is only after you have gone through the thick and thin of a field and measured its ins and outs that you can authoritatively say something. No wonder why Zeeshan speaks about the industry and the position of his brand in an authoritative tone.

It is the dedication, enthusiasm, and background knowledge of the industry that keeps us going despite many difficulties. We always try to make it sustainable by buying quality fabrics from artisans and retailers at a competitive price and then selling them at an affordable price. We do not retain hefty amounts of profits like other online stores do. Since we started from a humble beginning, we know exactly what is going on at the grass-root level,” said an enthusiastic Zeeshan Zafiri, referring to the materialization of the brand in 1957.

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