Every generation defines itself by the experience they have shared and the emotions they have experienced. It doesn’t really matter if they were happy or tragic emotions, it’s the memory that counts. A single source of entertainment can have a huge impact much more than it had originally planned for. 

Twenty years ago Japan witnessed such a phenomenon that impacted kids all around the world. Pokémon, originally called “Pocket Monsters” was launched as a video game and was published by Nintendo for its original Game Boy handheld system. 

Game Boy

This game flew up in the early 2000s taking an innovative turn on ‘collecting and competition’ kept an entire generation busy by reaching a global level. Satoshi Tajiri was the director of the original game. 

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Soon enough Pokémon became a common culture among kids, the franchise took out books, movies, trading cards, animated television series, and even action figures to keep up with the hype. Few of the cards have even found themselves in the museum’s collection in the acknowledgment section. 

Trading Cards

Influence On Japan

Japan just appointed a water-type Pokémon, Vaporeon, as its official mascot for Water Day. It’s a holiday celebrated on August 1st and continues for a week.

During this time, the importance of water in our everyday life and its conservation is shown while also making people aware of marine life and habitats.

Water Ambassador A Pokemon

This is not the first time a Pokémon has been made a mascot. Previously Japan chose a  rock-type Pokémon, Geodude, as its ambassador for tourism in Iwate Prefecture.

While Slowpoke, a slow-moving Psychic-type, was the tourism ambassador for Kagawa Prefecture, Sandshrew, a ground-type Pokémon represented the famous sand dunes in Tottori. 

Sandshrew Made To Represent Sand Dunes
Japan’s Pokémon Ambassadors

A new Vaporeon mascot suit was revealed in a short video announcement in which it was featured alongside the 2021 Miss Japan Momoka Mine. Posters for the same will also be on sale soon. 

Pokémon has always been Japan’s most popular game franchise. Even today, the mobile game Pokemon GO says it all. Kids are still crazy about this animated series and are willing to go to a great extent just to have a little feeling of being a Pokémon trainer. 

Pokémon Go

I know, I would give it all to have a little Pikachu by my side. 

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Sources: Nintendo Wire, Animated Times, The Japan News, +More

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