Music is the life of Harnoor Chandi and became popular in Mumbai in a short time.

Great musical talents aren’t often heard. One won’t find such talent every year or even every generation. Whole millenniums tend to slip away without one surfacing. Art, artists have no age. One such budding singer who came to Mumbai to try his luck in music while pursuing LLB achieved success quickly. Harnoor Chandi of Rajasthan is proving this thing right. He was born on 19 April in Rajasthan. Harnoor Chandi is working hard to achieve success by showcasing his skills. 

Harnoor Chandi is desperate to establish his coin in the music industry. Harnoor Chandi is also completing his studies and is busy making her dreams come true. Enduring interest in music in his country, Harnoor is also very interested in the music of foreign countries. This is why he is constantly engaged in achieving his position. Harnoor, preparing for LLB, has been more interested in music and other activities than studies since childhood, but he didn’t let it affect his studies. There is too much craze for Bollywood and Punjabi songs today, but Harnoor Chandi is working on his new projects regarding English songs. His trend for foreign music and many of his projects are going on. Not only this, but he will also perform as a singer in his upcoming song. Harnoor Chandi has often gotten the full support of his family. Not only this, if he gets a chance, he can soon try his hand at film acting as well. Harnoor Chandi, who likes Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s songs, likes the acting of actor Vidyut Jamwal.

Harnoor is all set to play long innings in the music world. And his dream will come true one day because his hard work will become the ladder of his success. His main goal is to inspire millions of people worldwide. He has about 300K followers on Instagram. To learn more about him, follow him on Instagram at @dj_clown.


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