India’s population has now taken to the digital space to book oneself and their family members a vaccination slot as the vaccination drive for all adults has opened up across the country. It’s not been as smooth as the government had promised it would be, owing to the vaccine shortage. 

CoWin – Government’s vaccination booking platform and the APIs

CoWin is the government platform for booking vaccine appointments. The government has made the application programming interface (APIs) for the CoWin portal public, which means developers are free to access the framework of the app and integrate it into their platform; a host of techies and tech startups have stepped up to solve issues related to CoWin. 

Websites such as, and have come up, which have helped people get appointments at verified vaccine centers. SMSes have been the alert system for a while now. Telegram has been a strong communications aide for platform

Websites such as, and have come up, which have helped people

It is not just the independent developers; large companies have leveraged CoWIN’s open API. One of them is HealthifyMe, an AI-powered health, and fitness app, launching as part of its free CoviFit scheme. The user experience comprises location-based, age, vaccine type, and ‘free or paid’ filters with more incoming features within the next few days.

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Paytm’s Vaccine slot finder tool 

Paytm app has got a new tool that will help users find available slots for COVID-19 vaccines in their area. The COVID-19 Vaccine Slot Finder tool has been rolled out to Paytm apps for both Android and iOS devices.

Paytm app can be used to find vaccination slots. Paytm app takes real-time data from CoWIN.The app can notify you when slots open up. 

There are options for 18+ and 45+ age groups, and the Vaccine Slot Finder can show available slots for the next four weeks. If there are no slots available, users can choose to be notified by Paytm Chat when a slot opens up.

If a slot is available, users can select a date and will be taken to the Co-WIN website/ app to book their appointment. The Paytm Vaccine Slot Finder fetches real-time data about the availability of slots from the CoWIN platform, but it cannot be used to book appointments.

Paytm app has got a new tool that will help users find available slots for COVID-19 vaccines in their area.

Most effective Cowin hacks 

The most effective hacks to get your vaccine slot on CoWin are : 

  1. Keep trying the CoWin website. Between 5 pm to 6 pm and around 10 pm, new slots open up. 
  2. Make sure to log in every hour and try your luck.
  3. Register twice for one person with different phone numbers, then your chances of booking a slot will be higher. Due to server issues, sometimes slots are not showing up on one’s phone number. Hence, it is advisable to book from different numbers. 
  4. If no slots are available at the time of their search, one can opt to receive real-time automated alerts from Paytm once a slot frees up.
  5. Keep refreshing the page with different gadgets and hope for the best.
It’s annoying, we feel you, but get your slots now!

Last year has been a lesson for everyone who used to demean the millennials for being engrossed in their phones or computers.

The online community has gained immense popularity and power and no one can deny that. Once again the online community has taken to social media to help book vaccine slots. 

Hopefully, these hacks and information will help everyone out there. Please get vaccinated as soon as possible. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. Make sure to wear a mask, wash your hands and carry a sanitizer. Adequately do not leave your house if not necessary. 

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