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Gift Cards Trading in Nigeria Made Easy with Cardtonic Trading App


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Nigeria has tons of gift card exchange platforms, making it confusing to select which one to use. But if you want a platform that’s secure, reliable, and authentic, look no further than Cardtonic. Most gift cards work via instant messengers or social media. Cardtonic has its mobile application, making the exchange of gift cards faster and easier than ever. Cardtonic’s safe transaction system also makes it one of the most reliable platforms to exchange gift cards in Nigeria.

What makes Cardtonic’s trading app stand out?

Launched in 2016, Cardtonic soon became popular because of its app-based system. Here are a few reasons why people love Cardtonic:

  •     It hardly takes 5 minutes to exchange gift cards using Cardtonic. No other gift card exchange platform could match this feat in any country, let alone Nigeria.
  •     This is the only platform where you can exchange any gift card for Naira. Cardtonic doesn’t limit its facilities to any specific currency. If it’s a primary currency, you can rest assured that it will work in Cardtonic. Some of the most common coins you can exchange for Naira are USD, GBP, CAD, EUR, and AUD.
  •     Cardtonic doesn’t discriminate the type of gift card you are using. It allows you to exchange both physical and electronic gift cards.
  •     You can redeem tons of gift cards using Cardtonic, such as iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Target, Steam, Walmart, Sephora, and many more.
  •     It provides incredible rates for gift cards, so7mething that you don’t often see in other exchange platforms.

Safety and security

Exchanging gift cards in Nigeria is sometimes risky if you don’t read the platforms’ terms and conditions. But Cardtonic isn’t one of the platforms that confuse users with complicated terms. It is a reliable, established, and most importantly, verified platform with approval from various media outlets like Legit, Pulse, Gistmania, and Punch.

Wondering how the app keeps your information safe and secure? Here’s the step by step process:

  •     First of all, you need to download the Cardtonic app on your phone and install it.
  •     Register with the details the app asks for. Ensure you provide accurate information because you will need to confirm the same when you generate your Bitcoin address.
  •     Once you confirm all the details, the app will send a confirmation message. This means you now have an account on Cardtonic.
  •     Your next job is to start redeeming the gift cards. You can check the best Bitcoin rates directly from the app.
  •     The next step is to generate your Bitcoin address. Developing this unique address allows you to receive your gift cards directly. You can then convert the Bitcoins into Naira through your Bitcoin wallet.
  •     Go to your Bitcoin Trade Page and find the option called “Generate BTC Address.” Clicking on “Generate BTC Address” will generate your unique Bitcoin address, and you will receive a QR code. You now have a permanent Bitcoin address linked to your Cardtonic account.

Now that you know how to exchange gift cards in Cardtonic go ahead and register right away. It is one of the safest gift card exchange apps available right now, and you should make the most of its features to earn rewards.

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