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Get Ready For The 2nd Inning Of ‘Global Bubble Parade’



‘You Are Beautiful Project’ and ‘Those In Need’ have collaborated to bring ‘Global Bubble Parade’ for the second time in New Delhi this 28th May 2017.

Their aim is to stop the society from defining people by the way they look, dress up or even by their gender and sexual preferences.

They intend to burst beauty stereotypes through bubbles. Humans come in all shapes, colour, and sizes.

People are body shamed, racially discriminated, fat shamed, color shamed, made fun of the way they look, the way they talk because of the way they come from, or the way they dress up.

Global Bubble Parade

Internationally, the Bubble Parade is a movement of passionate individuals who share the belief that happiness is the journey, not the destination, by joining together in peaceful local parades of soap bubbles. Last year more than 80 cities across the Globe participated in the Global Bubble Parade.

So, here’s your chance to be a part of the only parade where everyone can proudly be themselves, truly represent who we are and not be ashamed of how we carry ourselves!

With this event, they aspire to spread ‘body’ positivity and promote inclusiveness in the local community!

“How can I join? Do I need a ticket? What do I need to bring?”

The bubble parade is TOTALLY FREE – all you need to do is to register using the Google form given below.

Registration form:

Event Link –

Invite your friends and bring lots of bubbles + inclusivity to the parade on May 28.

ED is proud to have been their Blog Partner.

Chirali Sharma
Chirali Sharma
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