I am a podcasts addict. Proof: I put in my bio, that can’t be a lie, right?

But seriously, I love podcasts. If you have no clue what I am talking about, don’t worry. I am only about to change your life forever, that’s all. Those who do know what I am talking about, great. You’ll find awesome new content here to brighten up your life with.

It can be tricky to find the best podcasts you should be listening to, so I did the legwork. Keep reading, there’s something for everybody!

What Are Podcasts?

Podcasts are basically free audio shows that are distributed online. There has been a recent interest in creating video podcasts as well. Being an old soul, I mostly stick with audio podcasts but series like Charlamagne Tha God’s The Brilliant Idiots and Gary Vaynerchuk are giving me something new to explore.

Best podcasts you should check out

The podcasts scene has blown up in the last few years. Podcasts, as opposed to traditional radio broadcasts, gained popularity because they allow users to consume content when they want to. With everything being available on demand, the rise of podcasting was inevitable. Fun fact, the name stems from the days of “iPod broadcasts” or podcasts as they have come to be known.

Then there’s the hype because of the relative ease in creating and distributing podcasts. If you’ve got a half-decent microphone and interesting content, building an audience shouldn’t be too difficult.

Why Podcasts Are Amazing

There’s something enchanting about old-school media. Sure, watching videos is fantastic but it’s hard to beat the emotional connection you feel while listening to the radio. I mean, there was a reason why radio ruled the world for so long.

Podcasts are like radio programs 21st-century style. You don’t need to be on a high profile radio network to produce an incredible show. Keeping it simple tends to do the trick. Podcasts are an amazing way to learn about things. Interested in sports, there something for ya. Like to keep up with the latest and greatest in hip-hop, podcasts have got you covered.

Best Podcasts you should be listening to:


best podcast to listen to - 99percentinvisible

For people that have never listened to a podcast, 99percentinvisible, or 99pi as its affectionately called is better than perfect. Art, history, science, music, architecture, 99pi has everything. Literally (Figuratively). I guarantee you’ll fall in love with this show like I have.

2Planet Money

Best Podcast to Listen to - Planet Money

How can you make debating about economic policies engaging? How do you explain the economics of blackmail and Ransom? Or discuss what we can learn from legitimate CIA spies? Is there an upside to Bankruptcy? (Donald Trump seems to think so). Planet Money is all about understanding the economy without the boring bits. Trust me, there is nothing boring about Planet Money.

3Bill Burr: Monday Morning Podcast

Best Podcast to Listen To - Bill Burr's MMPC

Oh geesus, how do I describe MMPC?

Picture a bald, raging 49-year-old white guy rambling about opioids, nerds, and jamming. Maybe advising on how to deal with girlfriend addicted to sex. Perhaps grumbling about heat waves and fatty cakes. And why bankers are the devil.

No matter what the situation is, you’re in stitches the whole time. That’s the classic Bill Burr. If you are unfamiliar with Bill’s Non-PC, no-BS approach to life and comedy then this might take some getting used to. You’ll either “get it” or pen a 20-page angry rant on why big ol’ Billy here is the embodiment of everything that’s wrong in the world today.

Either way, it’ll give you something to do. As Billy boy says, don’t take anything too seriously and go f*ck yourself. Check it out for yourself.

Warning: Definitely NOT Safe For Work. Consider yourself warned.

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