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Dim sums are more versatile, and offer a newer and fresher take on its good old counterpart, momos –

Blogger Jhanvi

The concept of dim sum is foreign to a significant portion of the population. It is a relatively unexplored alternative to momos. And yes, dim sum and momos are two different things.

Although not as widely available as its cousin, dim sum can be found in Chinese restaurants of repute.

Dim-sums hail from the Cantonese region of China and are more versatile. They can be made using different kinds of dough such as rice flour and corn sheets.

These bite-sized delicacies vary vastly in terms of their fillings from watercress to bokchoy and lotus stems; there is no end to one’s imagination. It is also a newer and fresher take on its good old counterpart, momos.

Dim-sums served in a classic manner with broth

What makes dim sum stand apart is the fact that they come in greater varieties- namely other than veg. chicken and paneer. Also, momos come with spicy red hot dips, while dim sum is accompanied by a plethora of sauces and dips.

Soy sauce, Thai style dipping sauce, honey kimchee sauce, and black bean peanut butter sauce are a few commonly served dips.

They enhance the experience of having dim-sum and make momo eaters gravitate towards a more refined experience.

Personally, I prefer dim sum to momos as they are made in conditions that are relatively hygienic, and like many of you out there; I just can’t get enough of the wide variety!

I tend to keep going back for more, especially the dips and the grandiose experience that comes along with it.

Momos are made on the streets in less than hygienic conditions and are popular for upsetting the digestive tract. Would I rather spend a little more and eat out at a fancy place and get to experience the ultimate opulence of Chinese cuisine? Yes!

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While dumplings are something that only the upper class would be able to afford, momos have been instilled into the Indian culture as a tasty and cheap snack –

Blogger Aaroosh

Momos in the city of Delhi, are somewhat of a cult. Just like people can’t get over the fact that Xerox is the name of a brand and not a word for photocopy, most of us also believe that dim-sums and momos are just different names of the same dish.

One thing that I think will always give the upper hand to dim sum, is just the name. Dim-sum in itself sounds so elegant and classy, but for me, that’s surely not reflected in its taste.

I’ve come across various articles bashing momos left to right and center. But I’ve been having momos for ten years, and friends, I’m perfectly fine.

This is yet another perfect example where reading so many things on the Internet just doesn’t help.

This makes me recall the time when I was in McLeod Ganj and in the search for the tastiest momos (that time I had no idea what the difference between momos and dim-sum really was).

Typical street-style momos

My cravings took me to a beautiful restaurant where I was served a plate of dim sums. Taking a bite, I really felt something odd in the taste and realized soon enough that this wasn’t what I was looking for.

Less than a mile ahead was a street vendor serving momos. Although skeptical, I took a plate and with the first bite I was in heaven. That was the day I realized that momos are street food and it is best served on the street.

I’ve had various encounters with dumplings at fancy restaurants but I have never had my money’s worth. While dumplings are something that only the upper class would be able to afford, momos have been instilled into the Indian culture as a tasty and cheap snack.

Even if we crave our desi street food, hygiene is the last thing that we think about and what really matters, in the end, is the taste. And once again, I’m sure hygiene is not going to be a problem with most of us.

Moreover, they’re delicious and relatively healthier than other fried and potato-heavy cheap eats found in the city. And like any good and cheap street food option, they feed people from all walks of life.

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Sources: Ketchupp.in

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