The traffic issue that Delhi faces is so recognizable that it almost constitutes as a separate point to look out when visiting Delhi.

Not that other states don’t have their fair share of traffic problems, but I have to say, seldom does any beat what is found on the roads of Delhi.

The BRT, which was opened up with such pomp and show itself, to regulate traffic better and result in fewer jams, has become the bane of our existence. Or at least those who have to travel by it.

Hour-long jams are practically routine at this point especially during peak hours in morning, evening, Durga Puja time and well, sometimes afternoon and evening too. So basically it is extremely rare to find the BRT actually having smooth traffic. However, I am getting off track, the reason why I am talking about Delhi traffic is that it also brought to us Dorris Aunty.

Many of you might not know, but Dorris Aunty experienced the worst of Delhi traffic, wherein it took the life of her 17-year-old daughter back in 2010.

Dorris Aunty And Her Inspiring Story

Dorris Francis or popularly known as Dorris Aunty mans the traffic light near Khoda Colony Junction, Ghaziabad, UP while crossing the National Highway 24.

The very same red light where she lost her daughter Niki as a speeding car brutally crashed into the autorickshaw the mother and daughter were in.

A young life taken away so soon would probably make a parent become immersed in their grief unable to think about anything else.

But, instead of doing that, the now 59-year-old Dorris Aunty, planted herself on that very traffic light in order to make sure that no one goes through the same tragedy that she and her late daughter did.

For almost 7 years now, Dorris Aunty acted as an unofficial traffic cop, manning the roads from 7 am to 10 am the next day, every day.

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Her iconic white salwar-kameez made her such a known face around the area, that it is common to hear travelers going through that section greet her with an ‘Aunty Namaste’ or ‘Bhenji Namaskar,’ even if the people not really know her that well.

With her, the lady carries just a sturdy stick and a whistle to better manage the traffic and even got acknowledged by the SSP of Ghaziabad, Dharmendra Yadav, who said that “We appreciate the kind of service Dorris is doing by supplementing the work of police in traffic management”.

According to certain news sources, Dorris Francis was quoted saying “Till I have life within me, I will continue with the work. I will ensure that not a single life is lost to rash driving. If God has given me the gift of life, it should be used for the benefit of society at large”.

However, news did appear of the brave woman when she went missing from duty late last year. Upon inspection, it was found that Dorris Aunty was diagnosed with Cancer in the November of 2016 as per a crowdfunding page asking for funding for her treatment at AIIMS.

Although according to the latest update on the page made around February of this year, Dorris Aunty has gone through her operations and while her cancer is no longer a worry, an unusual swelling in her left leg still needs to be treated.

Image Credits: Google Images

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