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Chicken Suits, Cactii & ‘Trump’ets: Mexicans Show Their Dislike For Donald Trump In An Innovative Way


By Suryansh Upmanyu

Political events occur regularly around the world but none of them is followed with more interest than the USA Presidential Elections. The race to the White House is getting a lot more attention this time because of a certain Donald Trump.

Trump has always been controversy’s child, and his speeches have amused some but inflamed many others. He has become a topic of discussion around the world and has been subject to a fair amount of protests by people. Some of these hurt people are venting out in an innovative way – by creating a game:

Trumpealo (#MexicansStrikeBack):


History: Trump incensed Mexicans by his remarks on the refugees crossing the border to live in the USA. From calling the immigrants rapists-criminals to announcing that “We’re going build a wall; we’re going to have a big, fat beautiful door on the wall.” He hasn’t missed any chance to irritate the Mexican gentry.

Description: The name is a play on the Spanish word golpear (to hit). And that is what you have to do! As Trump swaggers around the stage, Mexicans (i.e. you) hit him with shoes, bowling balls, flower bouquets, bottles, stacks of money, footballs, cacti (ooooohh, that would hurt) and cute little kittens (I cannot figure out how they are associated to trump, there is no relation at all!)

Trump becomes faster around the stage as you progress through the levels. At the end, you can collect money to buy a new “suit” for him! How lovely! You can choose between a chicken suit, a sailor costume and even a Luchador uniform…Well. I think the exclaimaion mark here is a given.

Rating: 3.5/5

Trumpealo is not the only one of its kind. Over the years, many other political events have given ideas to designers for games:

Obama vs Romney Slapathon (#BarackTheirJaws):


History: The incumbent president Barack Obama was pitted against Mitt Romney for the 2012 US Presidential Elections. Even though Obama won quite smoothly, it looks like both the candidates didn’t earn any brownie points from the game’s developers.

Description: The aim of the game is to slap Romney or Obama. Hard. You can choose between either of the candidates. Using your mouse, drag the mike/baseball glove as fast as you can across the screen to slap your chosen victim. Points are given on the basis of how fast the mouse was dragged.

Rating: 2.5/5

Angry Anna (#AnnaTo The Rescue):


History: Our very own Indian Creation! Anna Hazare’s campaign “India against Corruption” came into the limelight in 2011. His agenda: to get the Lokpal Bill passed in the Parliament to address the widespread issue of corruption in the country. His 12 day fast, and the support gathered by the campaign, almost brought the government to its knees.

Description: The name itself suggests the gameplay. Instead of Angry Birds, now you have Anna Hazare, Baba Ramdev and Kiran Bedi attacking the corrupt government officials and businessmen. Shouts of “Bahot khoob!” and “Maaro saalon ko!” can be heard in the background.

Rating: 3/5

Sock and Awe (#ShoeThrowingFrenzy):


History: The most famous of them all! The then President – Bush – was on a farewell trip to Iraq in 2008. Most of us won’t forget the incident when he had to protect himself not from one, but two shoes hurled at him by an Iraqi journalist. (Excellent reactions sir! You should give lessons to all those Indian husbands ducking the utensils thrown at them by their wives).

Description: Click on Bush to throw a shoe at him each time his head appears from behind the podium. You get 30 seconds to hit him as many times as you want. With the Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri-al-Maliki looking from behind, the designers have tried to recreate the incident as realistically as possible. (P.S. The look on Bush’s face when he gets hit – Epic!).

Rating: 4/5

For all those who want to see the real incident, go to –

Even though the games may seem childish, they have evolved as a new form of expression for the creatively talented masses. And personally, I don’t mind at all. After all, everyone should have the freedom to express one’s views in his own way.

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