As we all know the biggest buyer of explosives in the world is the US Department of Defense, for obvious reasons. Now coming to the second largest purchaser, any guesses on who the number 2 is?

It’s the Disney World. Yes, the happiest place on earth is the second-largest buyer of explosives. The land of Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck and all of your favorite princesses rank right after the US Government when it comes to explosive devices. They spent a massive $50 million every year just on explosives. 

Now before any of you freak out and think Disney is just another U.S. conspiracy to dominate the world, let me clear things out. These explosives are brought for a whole different reason, which has nothing to do with fighting insurgents or booby-trapping. Rather it’s used to bring excitement and flair to the park. 

These explosives are used for Disney World’s parades and parties that take place around the park. Apart from their impressive parades, there is nothing like a Disney fireworks show that happens every night all through the year. 

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Now Coming To, ‘What About All The Pollution?’ 

Disney first introduced fireworks to its parks in 1957. That show was far from being eco-friendly. After receiving several complaints regarding the smoke, ash, odor, and even property damage that was caused by Disney’s fireworks, the company drove deep into eco-friendly pyrotechnics. 

Disney World has immensely worked on many practices that help to reduce the park’s environmental impact and for it to move towards a more Zero Waste Operation, that includes no plastic straws, single-use of plastic, electricity, and energy. It has also set up a water conservation system in place that helps the place to save around 53 million gallons of water annually. 

Disney World turns out to be a lot of things, when it comes to throwing parties they are all about the dollars and giving people what they paid for. They never fail to provide one of the biggest shows on the planet, things over there have got to be bigger, bolder, and most definitely louder, thus the fireworks!!

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