Remembering Sixty Amazing Years of Disney Land!

Guess what? Today, it’s been 60 years since the late great Walt Disney inaugurated the first Disneyland in California! Six decades of magical vacationing which never gets old. Take a look at how this legacy has grown over the years…

  1. July 18th, 1955: The grand opening of the world’s “Most Lavish Amusement Park on Earth”, built on the orange orchards ground of Anaheim, California. Although the day before – when the press and VIP were invited for a preview – was a nightmare, the park eventually proved that it was “what children’s dreams are made of”.


  1. 1965, the first “Tencennial”: Within the first decade, the Disney which had twinkled eyes of millions, expanded with a boom. Many new features were added, including Alice in Wonderland, a Monorail and a Submarine voyage. Its first audio-animatronic attraction: the Enchanted Tiki Room was added too. For their 10th anniversary, Disneyland organized a grand Parade led by Mickey Mouse and broadcasted their future plans for more Dreamlands to be built across America.


  1. 1975, after the Father’s death: Walt Disney died in 1966, the year after his dream turned 10. But the show must go on! In the following years, Pirates of the Caribbean and Haunted Mansion was introduced to the world. In 1971, the Walt Disney World (Florida) was dedicated as a tribute to the greatest cartoonist of all time, by his older brother Roy.



  1. 1985, a Worldwide Phenomenon: Disney World grew bigger every day, much like its littlest fans when it started – who would now be old enough with little fans of their own. This third decade between 75 and 85 was especially explosive – Disney launched its first Water park, a majestic new EPCOT theme park and went International, launching the Tokyo Disneyland. The new CEO was aggressively focused on expansion. They signed a bond with MGM Studios – a relationship which would later give birth to the second Disney mouse – Jerry (of Tom and Jerry fame).


  1. 1995, Mickey’s Decade: These next ten were all about economical expansion… The “Disney Dollar” featuring Mickey Mouse (of course) was printed in ‘87. The first Disneyland Hotel was bought over from another company. While America Sings shut down in ’88, Mickey’s Toontown bloomed in 1993. Disney parks travel to Europe and the Paris Disney land start operation in 1994.


  1. 2005, 50c to $50: Having spread happiness for half a century, the prime Disneyland in California partied like a “Mouse”! Walt Disney’s genius idea of combining technology with art was boosted enormously in the half and half of 90s and 2000s with the expansive development of animatronics at a public level. Disney swelled to dining, spas, innumerable theme parks and Hong Kong. Walt Disney’s 100th birthday was celebrated in 2001 with the campaign “100 Years of Magic”.


  1. 2015, the Diamond Anniversary: This year, Disney is going bigger than ever! With magical water shows and many more events held in all the Disney parks and resorts all over the world (including the newest Shanghai Disneyland), fans are anticipating the greatest Diamond festival of all time!


You can never have enough of Disney! Ever since the Great Walt Disney sketched the adorable Mickey Mouse in 1928, the evergreen cartoon never grew old, literally. If anything, he only gets better! Mr. Disney gave birth not only to cartoons, but to a revolution. Being the only means of defying time and age, Disney’s characters are forever, so any excuse for a celebration is justified!


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