If you’ve ever enjoyed a mouthwatering barfi made from the delicious mix of milk, sugar, and ghee, you can attest that this is a feast fit for royalty.

If you’re curious about the name’s origins, it derives from the Persian word “barf,” which means “snow” and describes the sweet’s snow-like, creamy look.

These square-shaped treats are currently among the most well-known mithais in India, and my pados waali bhabi would definitely agree!

Now, where did the barfi come from? Legend says it all started as a kitchen experiment in a Punjabi household.

Once upon a time, there lived a boy named Harbans Vig. He was a wrestler from Punjab and got bored of having to eat the same old ghee and milk to stay fit and strong. As they say, necessity is the mother of innovation, and in 1912, he experimented with his own recipe in response to the need for an improvement in the diet (as well as to satisfy his sweet tooth).

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So, along with nuts to give flavour, the pan was filled with milk, cream, sugar, and ghee. The mixture after processing, looked creamy and tasted delicious. As a consequence, Harbans’ appetites were satiated by the dodha barfi, which was similar to fudge but a far healthier option.

You and I are both aware that it takes a while to make these chewy, sweet delicacies. First, you need all the ingredients, then you need to boil and mix it and finally pour the consistent mixture into square cubes(after cooling it down). Ah! It takes hours.

However, the barfi is not only tasty  – it is quite nutritious. This sweet provides you with the needed fatty acids, lactose, and minerals because milk is the main ingredient and there are many nuts used as a garnish. The nuts provide their fibre and vitamin E, which is said to be the key to a glowing skin texture.

Through the years, barfi has traveled all over India and even abroad. With its graceful taste and creamy texture it has managed to win millions of hearts all over the world – and to this day, continues to do so!

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