Rajkot (Gujarat) [India], June 8: A zero-investment start-up – Customised India, which started four years ago in 2017 deals in varied products and domains. It has now raised the eyebrows of decade-old players in customised leather product manufacturers owing to its growing popularity.

Nishit Kalawadia – Founder of Customised India, says that it was never an easy task to scale the start-up in an organised retail sector in the gifting domain. The first wave of covid and lockdown actually gave a lot of time to channelise thoughts into a particular domain. The key to success was not just about understanding the niche domain but mastering that domain gracefully and gradually.

The organisation stopped all other types of products and exclusively dealt in customised leather products. Starting with just 5 products, currently, they manufacture 200+ products. From 5000 followers on Instagram to daily 5000 unique visitors on the website, the company continues to grow consistently.

It started as a venture that would just cater to the requirements of friends, family, and acquaintances but it has now expanded to serving 27000+ pin-codes of the country.

Customised India has gained the immense respect of buyers due to its top-notch customer service from prompt communication to fast delivery. They deliver 95% of their shipments in Air fleets. Even in the worst of lockdown conditions, Customised India continued its operations without the downtime of even a single day. Commitment to customers has been a key to their success. When it comes to reviews and how customers have welcomed this organisation, their clients have rated them highly with two phrases consistent in their reviews i.e. “Best quality at lowest prices in the market” and “Consistent Service”.

Customised India is providing 18 hours day support over WhatsApp whereas other players have stopped even email and chat support due to short-staffed situations.

Every gifting company struggles with the element of trust in giving prepaid payments to a new name in the industry along with current uncertainties in the environment. It was glad to hear from Customised India that they have been sustaining themselves on 100% prepaid orders and they truly bestowed the faith and trust laid by their customers into them.

Talking more about their business, Customised India ranks in the top 10 manufacturers in the country who are into the organised sector in manufacturing customised leather products. Their product range includes travel accessories, pouches, wallets, sling bags, and much more. The company follows a rule to sell directly to customers with their end-to-end logistics and support. Customised India keeps its clients notified for each update on the product from packing, shipping, transit, and delivery. They have their end-to-end technical integration that notifies customers by emails, SMS, and WhatsApp too. This makes them stand out from other players in the market who close their communication lines once orders have been placed.

One interesting insight regarding Customised India that keeps their customers wanting more is that they come out with new products every month. So, every month, their customers have something to look forward to. The designing team is constantly taking feedback from customers to develop new products and implement their tastes and preferences in the final product.

The future of the company looks bright with over 1 lakh customers being served in a short span of the last 8 months.

Website – https://customisedindia.online


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