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Congress Leader Shivanand Hulyalkar Says The BJP Government Failed Miserably In Tackling COVID-19 Crisis


The BJP-led government is facing a lot of backlash ever since the lockdown was imposed to tackle against the coronavirus pandemic. Pune-based Congress leader Shivanand Hulyalkar took a jibe at the Modi-led government stating that they miserably failed to fight against the COVID-19 crisis due to their wrong decisions. “Instead of thinking about the country’s sensitivity, the so-called leaders are busy thinking about the elite class. The poor people are left with no option”, he quoted.
He further expressed his displeasure saying that despite the 60-day lockdown, the government failed miserably to curb the deadly disease. Hulyalkar also says that it is unfair against the migrants who are stranded in several parts of the country. “The poor migrants are going to their homes by walking thousands of miles. What is the government even doing to help such people? Simply nothing”, he stated.
Besides this, Shivanand was all praises for Congress party leader Rahul Gandhi for doing incredible work. Congress recently shared a documentary throwing light on the situation of migrant workers stranded in different localities of the country. Applauding it all the way, the Pune-based political leader questions the central government about the funds raised in the PM-CARES Fund.
As shown in the documentary released last week, the migrant labourers went on to say that they did not receive money from the central government. Apart from this, Shivanand Hulyalkar took a potshot at Narendra Modi by calling the 20 lakh crore scheme as meaningless. “The rich are reaching their homes in the aeroplane and the poor are simply left to die on roads. Why has the government got such a laid-back attitude?”, he asked.
He said that the BJP government is strongly responsible for such insensitive behaviour and they should pull up their socks before things completely go out of hand.
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