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confessions of a whatsapp addict





whatsapp (1)Can you relate to the following:

  • alluring ting-ting of messages makes you get up and check your phone.
  •  You constantly check  someone’s “last seen”on whatsapp and  mentally calculate the time difference in the time they take.
  • Your rate of changing your display picture is 4 times a day.
  • Your day begins with checking and ends with checking of your whatsapp.


If the answer to all these questions is  yes, then you are officially a WHATSAPP ADDICT. Welcome to the club.

Whatsapp is today’s craze,obsession and addiction. The entire world is connected through this app which adds  30 million users per month! 30 MILLION USERS. And if that’s not about it, whatsapp currently has 400 MILLION monthly active users. WOW.

Surely, the most common disease among today’s generation is whatsapp addiction. So major is this “addiction”, that people have actually started living in the virtual world of whatsapp. If whatsapp was a country, then it’s “citizens” would be more than countries like Geramany and France.

The obsession is getting crazier day by day. Be it school, college or work, you have to be connected via whatsapp. You’ll be a part of N number of whatsapp groups and still not know what is going on. That’s how confusing everything gets.whatsapp

You get all the latest news through whatsapp.  From Arvind Kejriwal’s protest to the review of dedh ishquia, whatsapp gives you everything. it’s made this world smaller than ever. it’s made life convenient. but have we become obsessed. we skip talking to people in real space just because they can interact with someone over whatsapp. seriously? isn’t that too much? can’ t we for once keep that “idiot” phone aside and get a life? is it too hard? once in a while, it’s okay to get out of that cocoon,we’ve build for ourselves. the face-to-face interaction beats nothing. grab a cup of coffee with brownies and sit with your friend an d talk. compare your happiness. it’ll be a priceless investment.

This talk about whatsapp can go on and on but I’ll have to take your phone is buzzing with a whatsapp notification.




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