September 30: Animals / Dogs have been domesticated and been the companions of humans since centuries. Dogs are an integral part of the Army and Police and have proven to be the best therapy animals for the blind. Autistic children and people in need. With the onset of several natural calamities including widespread flash floods. Incessant rainfall. Spread of epidemics and dangerous diseases, is it not time we learn and understand to CO-EXIST and respect nature and her creations.

Despite the matter being sub-judice before the Honable Supreme Court of India, and despite issuance of protective orders in favor of the street dogs to protect them from any harm and danger as also relocation from their respective territories.

Animal Cruelty is scientifically known to be perpetrated by humans; it is light of the recent hostility and rise of cruelty against street dogs. We the Citizens of India seek to call attention to the need for compassion for all living beings and to discharge our constitutional duty under Article 5 1 (g) (h) Of the Constitution of India. Our Citizens Rally stands up for dogs, man best friend who down the ages have given us unconditional love. Loyalty and service. It appeals to all citizens of India. To join this Citizens Rally and speak up for those who cannot speak.

We call for immediate implementation of the following:

  1. Nationwide implementation of Animal Birth Control Rules. 2001 to sterilize and

immunize street dogs , advertised and promoted to encourage public participation.

  1. Appropriate sensitivity training for municipal and panchayat staff as well for police

and law enforcement agencies.

  1. Inclusion of animal welfare as a subject in schools.
  2. Promotion of PM Modi initiative to adopt Indian Dogs, preventing illegal breeding and

sale of dogs.

  1. The immediate adoption of the amended Prevention of Cruelty To Animals Act, 1960

with increased punishment for crimes against animals.


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