The two most quirky and legendary artists coming together in one collaboration as never before seen.

Christian Louboutin, the man who made red-lacquered soles a rage across the world, women of all kinds would die to own one of these iconic pairs of heels is collaborating with Sabyasachi, another great artist of our times.

These two artists coming from different areas and fashions industries where even their area of specialty is different, show how collaborations should be done.

Louboutin comes from the luxury footwear while Sabyasachi comes from designer clothing sector of fashion. One is from France the other is from our very own Kolkata.

To celebrate his 25th anniversary, Louboutin has partnered up with Sabyasachi to create an exclusive collection of 15 women’s and 4 men’s style footwear that will be created using cloth pieces that have been kept aside as special, from Mukherjee’s very own personal atelier archive.

This lends each pair of footwear a uniqueness that will not be found anywhere else. Check a few of them out here:

The spiky heel and design is signature to Louboutin, while the colours and fabric scream Sabyasachi.
The colours are so typically Indian and the design on the fabric, the flowers and veins can only be done by Sabyasachi. We can see a peak of Christian Louboutin in the gold spikes along the strap.
Sabyasachi (far left) and Louboutin (center) creating their masterpieces together.

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Now, this is the perfect envisioning of Sabyasachi’s ethnic and royal design and Christian Louboutin’s daring creativity.
The use of velvet and the gold fabric with authentic Indian embroidery on it can be done this beautifully by no one else but Sabyasachi. Again we see Louboutin in the design of the shoe and the spikes along the strap.

The shoes have both the signature red soles of Louboutin and heavy Baroque imprints brought by Mukherjee.

The shoes seem to be perfect for someone who is looking for a combination of vintage and rebel, something that one does not find easily.

This exclusive, one of a kind, collection will according to Vogue, launch on October 11 at Harrods, UK.


Image Credits: Google Images

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