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Call Me Karizma Is Creating Positive Impact Through Music with Debut Album “To Hell With Hollywood”


MINNEAPOLIS, MN – From the gravel road lined with trees and fields as far as the eye can see, you can hear a faint, bass sound coming from inside the forest. That sound is musician Call Me Karizma blasting the final mixes in his bright red Honda Civic for his debut album “To Hell With Hollywood.” It is a boundary-pushing album that is a hybrid of alternative rock, rap and pop-punk. 

This is a much different atmosphere than where he was just a year ago. Still signed then with Sony’s major label, Arista Records, Karizma spent his days meeting industry executives at fancy dinners, trying on designer clothes for photoshoots and doing what he loves most—making music every day.

After Karizma parted ways with Arista in March 2020, it was evident that he had the opportunity for a fresh start that could provide new meaning and new direction. After packing up his apartment on Hollywood Boulevard, he had plenty of time for reflection on the 28-hour drive back to his home state of Minnesota. What resulted was further clarity to his life purpose. 

It was more clear than ever in this moment that he had the desire to make a positive impact on people’s lives through many different avenues. 

“I wake up every day to hundreds of DMs from kids telling me how much my music helps them. It really blows my mind that I can have an impact on people that I have never even talked to. That positive reinforcement is truly what keeps me going and cancels out any hatred I might receive,” Karizma said. 

While his music is showing an impact with great numbers such as 9.5 million streams a month on Spotify and a very fast-growing Tik Tok audience, Karizma strives to go the extra mile with personal connections to people. 

In 2019, he drove 17 hours to Auburn, Wash., to discuss the depths of his lyricism and life experiences with nonprofit South Sound Dream Center. 

“It was absolutely amazing for our group to get to know him and the experiences that brought him to where he is today,” said Amanda Kercher, Unchained Youth Director. 

Karizma then continued building a connection with them as he joined them on an outreach to feed the homeless in Seattle the following day.

“I think it’s crucial that I break down the perception that celebrities are perfect since they have some sort of following. I am human—I do good, I do bad. But ultimately, I want to contribute to my community and provide hope for anyone who needs it,” Karizma said.

Now, while Karizma’s days still largely consist of music video sets, he is finishing a degree in early childhood education in between takes. That is another passion he has had since even before the music bug hit and he is determined to keep progressing toward that goal.

With very little help inside the music industry, Karizma is still turning heads in the industry throughout the rollout of this new album. One of the singles, Nails, is gaining more traction every day and has the potential to be a certified Gold record in multiple Eastern European countries such as Romania, the country in which he made the song in 2019. 

Slated for a drop on December 10, “To Hell With Hollywood” is projected to have a high charting on iTunes along with Karizma’s first Billboard charting in his career. 

For more information on Call Me Karizma and his album “To Hell With Hollywood” follow him on Instagram, YouTube and Spotify. 

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