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I have always found it fascinating how blessed we are to have such complex minds and the ability to come up with things that are so captivating. Fictional concepts are so brilliantly portrayed in movies and stories that I just can’t help myself but wish they existed in real life too.

These concepts are so mind-bogglingly good that it often leaves me dreaming about how different our world would be if these fictitious things actually existed.

Well, you can’t blame me for thinking about having superpowers 24×7. I don’t think there is a single person who hasn’t wished he or she had superpowers.

Just imagine how cool it would be if you could read minds, control people’s thoughts and emotions or make them do anything you want—full-on Charles Xavier feels. No wonder I was so obsessed with X-Men. Every character in that film has their own unique power.

Just imagine having the ability to teleport or have super speed, although it is a different thing altogether that I will still end up being late. But wouldn’t it be nice to have the ability at least or maybe the power to go invisible? This will save me from so many of my awkward situations, I will just have to remember to get naked first.

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Another thing that would be so cool, if animals had the ability to speak, living life like the Zookeeper movie and venting out to my pets will not feel so strange anymore and plus having my dog to remind me to straighten my back cause I look like a banana, will just do me good.

Okay, this is coming from a single woman with high expectations for guys, a few being compassionate, non-judgmental, understanding, funny, romantic with a hint of badass. You know what I’m talking about, fictional men. Oh! the amount of happiness that might be injected into this universe if at least a quarter of the men in the fictional world came to real life. A girl can only wish, right?

You just had a date with your crush (hypothetically), it went well (surprisingly) and now you are just walking down a random street with a big smile plastered on your face, and out of nowhere a bunch of people with cute little umbrellas, come dancing and singing *jaise filmo me hota hai ho raha hai hubahu* you get along with them too. Must be nice to have this level of serotonin run through your body, wouldn’t it?

I can just go on and on and on about all the fictional things I want in my life but I guess I have to stop somewhere, so this is it. I would love to know all about your fictional concepts, let your imagination run wild in the comment section below!!!

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