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Ever since the advent of time itself it seems, female beauty and skincare have been placed upon society’s high pedestal of women-must-achieves. Anything less than flawless is deemed a work-that-needs-progress.

We started fairly primitive, right at home with the kitchen shelf (Read: Haldi and Besan Pack for Clear Skin in 15 Days), and eventually graduated to fancier science and formulas, only to then go around in loops between the two.

While skincare routines are no doubt a healthy part of everyday grooming and imperatively so, truth be told, there are no quick magic fixes for all your skin woes.

Skin troubles simply do not come with a one-fix-fits-all. And chances are, no cosmic amounts of unsolicited acne advice, however sincere, will fix an underlying physiological condition.

For a woman living with PCOS, a hormonal disorder affecting the ovaries in young women, for over three years now, acne remains my skin’s companion much like the Annabelle doll does to the protagonist in every Annabelle movie.

The barrage of ‘well-meaning’ skin mantras that finds my way at every party or wedding, is almost ritualistic. There exists a gargantuan in-house supply of over-qualified dermatologists at every desi mass congregation.

Once, in all the cheeky air of indifferent millennial-hood, a boy casually shrugged and remarked I should ‘just go ahead and wash my face’. Little does he know, poor mister, defying bodily mechanisms and genetic susceptibility is a wee bit more tortuous a process.

Believe it or not, most people who sport a unicorn skin out there, like me, have done and tried it all.

We’ve mixed our yogurts and cracked open those eggs into every possible, non-palatable concoction ever, that could mask a face. And that’s okay because we’ve come to learn how to move past and beyond letting those trivial things come in the way of life’s bigger picture.

An incessant pointing, picking and poking into other people’s insecurities gradually and eventually erodes away their sense of self-confidence and self-esteem. So, why not shift the focus and switch our conversations?

After all, people’s lives aren’t a democracy. We don’t get a vote. Maybe next time you feel compelled to drop in your kind word of acne advice in public interest – pause – perhaps they don’t need it, perhaps they realize their existence has so much more to offer than just the rainbows on their faces.

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