The brand Sreeleathers has been blurring the existing socio-economic lines by introducing luxury products (genuine leather products) at affordable prices, thus making it a household name in Bengal.

While the brand has delivered its promise successfully for over 3 decades, the beginnings were rather humble.

Mr. Satyabrata Dey, Founder and Managing Director of the company, had invested his entire earnings into his business, that’s how committed he was to his cause. Since he couldn’t afford a house, he lived on the store’s premises. Steadily, the brand received recognition among customers, and the Durga Pujo festival made the iconic Bengali brand a landmark in Kolkata. Today, tourists who come to explore the city from all over the country make it a point to visit their flagship store. The store enjoys the patronage of not only locals but plenty of out-of-state visitors.

Dey got married in 1989, and despite having a thriving business then, he still didn’t have a home for his wife. His friends’ family were kind enough to host his wife while Dey continued to stay in the store. His wife started accompanying him to work and eventually became one of the strongest pillars of the brand. The rush of the festive season forced her to learn the job quickly, and today she is known to guide and motivate the newest recruits in the company. Together they are endearingly referred to as “Dada and Boudi” in the organisation that is known to operate as one big family.

Their daughter, Rochita Dey, has already joined the business as a full-time director, and their son pursued an education in mechanical engineering from Boston University. He is said to be passionate about the latest IT developments they incorporate in the organisation and has been an unofficial part of the organisation from a young age. Even though the brother-sister duo bring different skill sets to the table, they work well together to execute innovative concepts and strategies.

The brand enjoys a strong connection with its customers, which is key. They focus on being a customer-centric brand and are known to interact with customers directly to ensure transparency in business decisions. Their social media pages (Instagram- @SreeleathersOfficial and Facebook- @SreeleathersIndia) focus on customer interactions and feedback. The brand has always advocated for 100% transparency which is why they don’t engage in celebrity endorsements. Instead, all their endorsements are done by real customers sharing their experiences with the brand.

The Managing Director, Shri Satyabrata Dey’s unbelievable perseverance and Director, Shrimati Shipra Dey’s dedicated support to his cause were the two reasons that made this vision a reality. Today the second-generation entrepreneur Rochita Dey has taken over the reins. Rochita Dey has pursued a BBA degree from the University of San Francisco, and after gaining some work experience as an analyst at an e-commerce start-up, she pursued her MBA from Syracuse University. Since graduating in 2018, she joined her father’s company and is currently serving as a full-time director at Sreeleathers Ltd.

An inspiring story on the company and its leaders was showcased in the exclusive docu-series on Family Businesses – Ubharta Bharat on Aaj Tak HD. The series is an initiative of The Catalysts and can be viewed on 


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Instagram: @SreeleathersOfficial

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