The exploitation of interns in the name of “exposure” and “valuable learning experience” is not an uncommon sight these days. Most companies hire interns over the summer or winter months, and just like in any regular job, those interns put in a lot of hard work for the company’s work.

It is true that they are gaining practical exposure but exposure doesn’t pay bills. Money does. Unfortunately, numerous companies don’t pay their interns or pay even less than the bare minimum. Even then, the people are expected to do everything the company demands else their internship would be terminated.

Not giving interns their due credit is another form of exploitation and this time it was allegedly done by Spotify.

Spotify Wrapped’s Story Feature Was An Intern’s Idea

Spotify wrapped is the feature rolled at the end of the year where people get to know what songs they listened to the most, which band they liked the most, and so on. Earlier, this was sent on your email old-style but now it comes with attractive graphics that can be shared on social media like Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

My news feed is full of people posting their Spotify Wrapped, and so must be yours. But, this feature was apparently the idea of an intern at the company.

spotify wrapped's story format

She also did an interview with MSN in 2020 to tell about her project. She was 20 years old when the idea to make Spotify’s Wrapped better in terms of aesthetic appeal dawned upon her.

Spotify Wrapped's Story format
Jewel shared her work on Twitter

She shared this idea with the company on the last day of her internship, without realizing that they would take it seriously and it would grow to become what it is today. What did she get in return? “Not even a thank you,” she says.

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She also clarified that Spotify Wrapped itself wasn’t her idea, but to make it more presentable was.

I was a person that had Spotify and loved Wrapped, but it was just a link they would send at the end of the year,” she said about Wrapped’s older version. “When I gave the presentation at the end of my intern project, it was received really well. They liked the idea. That was my last day,” she said.

This new format worked well for Spotify which was ranked #9 on US Play Store last year after its release.

The company, however, denied any such claim. They said,

Since Spotify’s Wrapped concept was first introduced in 2013, hundreds of employees have contributed ideas and creative concepts that have made the experience what it is today.

While ideas generated during Spotify’s internship program have on occasion informed campaigns and products, based on our internal review, that is not the case here with Spotify Wrapped. It’s unfortunate that things have been characterised otherwise

However, she has no grudges against the company personally about this, but she doesn’t like this general corporate practice. “It’s not just Spotify personally. They’re cool people. But these corporations, they own all their intern content,” she said.

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