I have lived in Delhi for a fair amount of time on various occasions. And I have questions, coming from a small town. Care to answer them?

Let’s begin:

How do you guys keep the metro so clean?

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I went to the H&M store today. Where is that white colonial wall everybody clicks their photo in front of?

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Connaught place is so big. Is there a secret formula to remember which block it is?

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Who are South Delhi girls and why are they made fun of?


How does everyone have an iPhone? Is it cheap here?

Why are you guys so loud about your sex life?

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Every momos stall here is crowded. Do they sell w**d?

Ye metro Vaishali jayegi?

Everyone goes to Select City Walk. Nobody buys anything. Why?

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What went wrong with Dwarka?

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If everyone wears branded clothes, why the f*ck is Lajpat and Sarojini always crowded?


Who buys those cheap pen drives from Palika?

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I called a random guy bhenc**d. Am I a Delhiite yet?

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Why does everybody study at Delhi University?

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Why is everybody wearing white sneakers? Who cleans them?

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I went outside without wearing a mask. Now I have asthma. Should I be worried?

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Is Delhi in Punjab? If not then why does everybody listen to Punjabi songs?

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Why no Bajrang Dal in Central Park?

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Earth revolves around the sun, and the sun revolves around Rajiv Chowk. True or False?

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Thoda dheere chala lo, jaldi kis baat ki hai?

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