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Alexandra Marie Hogg, a Facebook Marketing Strategist and Business Coach, who has beat addiction, homelessness, and trafficking all before the young age of twenty


Against all odds she built multiple six-figure businesses and now teaches women to harness the power of social media to grow their own companies. Her philosophy is that success is available to everyone, but often we need guidance in figuring out how to achieve our dreams of success.

The leap into entrepreneurship for Alexandra was one of faith. She had people she loved tell her that she would never make it. She had people she trusted tell her she was not smart enough. They told her she didn’t deserve to succeed.

Alexandra said, “I remember thinking…don’t listen to them. There will always be people who have small minds. I have the drive; I have the passion. While waitressing, wrestling with recovery and self-doubt, she dreamed of a life where she could empower other women to live their dream lives. Working at night with two small kids at home was not her destiny, she wanted more. So, she jumped into her first business and it exploded within three months. Alexandra attributes her success largely to leveraging the power of the social network Facebook, and driving traffic to her company’s Facebook groups. The social network currently sits at more than 2.7 billion monthly users and Alexandra was able to carve out her own audience of 21,000 early in her entrepreneurial journey.  “I reached the top thirty out of 250,000 women in a network marketing business,” Alexandra said. “Later that same year I started a product-based business that surpassed $100,000 in sales in the first six weeks after launching. Then I created a service-based business that hit $100,000 in sales in five months. I had an eighth-grade education and a body covered in tattoos, so I did not fit the CEO mold. That’s when I realized, if I can do this, anyone can.” 

Alexandra arms her coaching clients with the same lead generating strategies she used to find success on Facebook. For coaches who struggle with building a fan base online or want to turn followers from fans to paying clients, she recommends a three-step approach. 1. Use a Facebook group to grow your business and attract new clients. Although it might seem that it is just a community where loyal fans can connect, a group is an incredible business tool that allows a business owner to control the customer’s journey. Alexandra notes that FacebookTM’s algorithm is designed to prioritize content from groups with high engagement – so she advises focusing on delivering amazing value and content that readers want. 2. Implement relationship-building power hours.

To achieve success, coaches need to be intentional about their time spent inside Facebook. Social media can be a distraction. Take one hour a day, or one hour every other day to deliberately engage with friends on the platform, send messages and nurture warm leads. This power hour is not to focus on getting a sale. Alexandra advises her clients to focus instead on building authentic relationships. The online industry can often be focused on “How can I get ahead?” you have to ask instead “How can I serve or support?” She reminds clients to listen and take note when they can help someone. Tracking conversations in a CRM software can improve relationships and grow business. 3. Invest in Personal Development. 

Alexandra urges her clients to surround themselves with others who are doing it, people who inspire them, and people who can help them achieve the success they desire. There are private Facebook groups for coaches that offer networking and free trainings to help them learn how to use social media to grow their business. Alexandra recommends coaches seek out these groups and network with other entrepreneurs. These connections can serve a business owner well and bring opportunities for them to serve others.

Alexandra has used this approach to serve over 5,000 women and surpass $850,000 in revenue. Her success story shows that no matter your past, your education level, or what you have experienced, anything is possible. Her own personal experience ending up homeless and overcoming addiction inspires other women to reach for their dreams and find the success they desire. Passion, determination, and the knowledge of how to master a massive social network like Facebook can be the combination for creating a successful business online.


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